Saturday, November 19, 2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

From the Coaching Wisdom of Dianna K -- Things to Consider as we Complete Q4

You've gotta be willing to take risks and make mistakes -- experience is not the best teacher, evaluated experience is the best teacher. The leadership of Santa Clause: Give your gifts and ask for nothing in return Build a wonderful workshop, have a vision and make it your main thing Choose your reindeer wisely, they make a vision a reality Make a list and check it twice Find out who is naughty and who is nice and ‘catch’ them doing something right! Focus on the plan and work it day in and day out Santa always has a plan and gets it done on time every time! Listens to his elves, and walks in their shoes Sees where they are and speaks to them and beings them to where he wants them to be Ho Ho Ho -- have fun but push hard and finish strong in 4th quarter Give the gifts that last a lifetime -- knowledge and skills First you make the choice, then the choice makes you Change brings about greatness! You cannot solve a problem at the same level it was created Share the milk and cookies Order a cute or catchy item like a pen and make it a goal to give out 10 a day -- each accompanied by a compliment Be good for goodness sake, model the behavior you expect from others -- you have to exemplify it more than others to be a true leader Anything you do that's worthwhile will scare you at first AND it will help you discover your big why What made you great, will make you greater -- stay consistent and it will pay off Dont ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive and GO DO IT! Remember, as you help others, you help yourself too Growth gets you to be R.E.A.L (Relationships, Equip, Attitude,Lead) Opportunity only shows up when you are ready to seize the OPPORTUNITY! Leaders must believe, empower, share and trust John Maxwell talks about the 6 C’s of massive team growth: 1) Communicate 2) Create an environment to grow one another 3) Collaborate -- leaders slow down and let everyone cross the finish line together 4) Concentrate -- your 1 Thing! 5) Consecrate, give yourself 100% to your team 6) Celebrate together! The only way you can get better tomorrow, is by getting better today When youre in over your head, it doesnt matter how deep the water is Before you speak and judge a leader, make sure you understand the reality of that leader Sometimes a leader has to slow down to speed up Light yourself on fire and people will come to watch you --the one with the most passion wins! Facts: 75% of the world has a cell phone -- 200,000 texts are sent worldwide per second -- email has a 3 day response turnaround time -- a goldfish has a 9 second attention span, our is 12 seconds -- it changes to 12 min 8 sec if we focus Every leader is a multiplier or a diminisher -- to lead you add pressure, not stress! Empower others, challenge others and expect more! Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Message from Gary Keller for Real Estate Agents on the Shift Sept. 2016

1. Lower your expenses every month for the next nine months. Make it a game and acknowledge and reward those who help. Reducing is not a one time event. You review everything every month from now til next march. You'll be surprised at what you miss each time and how once you drop something, you then realize the next month you can drop it even lower... 2. Double your lead generation efforts. Sit down with your plans and make strategic decisions right now and execute quickly. Be lean, mean and move fast. 3. Triple your focus on lead conversion to appointments. Again, sit down with your plans and make strategic decisions right now and execute quickly. The battle will be for the truly motivated buyers and sellers and there will be a fight for them. Win that fight. 4. Increase talent recruiting effort. There is a lag between when the market drops and when agents drop out! You will notice for the rest of the year that the people entering the business won't sinc up with the market slowing down. Why? Because people have already committed to getting into the business and so they just continue on that path. you'll see the slow down on new people getting in start to show up towards the end of the year or by the first of next year. So, you hit it doubly hard right now and stock up for the winter with the right people. I'd guess that 70% of the agents currently have never seen a shift down and don't know what it looks like. It's an opportunity for you to pass out the "shift" book and start the dialogue early. Trust me, you will look really really really really smart to them over the course of the next year. 5. Increase training effort. You think you're doing all you can do, but then the market shifts and you realize there is more to do. Just quadruple what you've been doing. Not kidding. Just load up on it and watch what happens. You teach lead gen, lead conversion, pricing-marketing-price reductions on listings, customer service and follow-up. You have work sessions with your team, get everyone into bold,.etc..... 6. Be very visible and communicative. Let them see you and know you're working your tails off and you expect them to do the same. You're already doing it, but you now want them to really see you working. This is an opportunity. Won't seem like it, but it is. You watch. You get way out in front on this with tons of energy and on the back side of this you will see new heights you weren't sure how you'd get to. Shifts make this possible. It just hurts in the interim! I'll see you at the top! Onward.... Gary Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!