Monday, October 31, 2011

It just gets bigger.

Note: This is a guest blog essay by Lisa Moeller

With all my might, I choose to love hard. At times I question my sanity – as do some of my friends. I look for and see the good in everyone. And if not the good, then the potential for good. I also believe some people can possibly be irretrievably lost to evil, perpetual anger, hate, confusion. I pity these people, because I know how inward pain can beget outward pain. I believe something beyond their control has altered their ability to function in a way that benefits the people who love them – and thereby humanity as a whole.

I sometimes wonder if, subconciously, people hesitate to love – or parcel out their love – because they think they only have so much to go around. They are selective about whom they give love to and how much they give to them.

Maybe some people feel love loses its value if given away too much. I sometimes wonder if people harbor the unexamined idea that their hearts will run out of room for future people they might love “even more,” so they “reserve” space just in case.

What if those people never show? What happens to the vacancy – this “unused” love?

I think the original purpose of love has been defiled, twisted and altered – and fear is the culprit! Fear of being taken advantage of, used, rejected, ignored. I believe love is the true nature of every human being and everyone has the capacity for it. I find it unfortunate that some people may believe that they are given a certain “quantity” of love, and because they’re afraid of running out of their love, they become misers of their love.

I think it is sad that so many people (including me) have misunderstood the original purpose for the existence of love. If there ever was a time for understanding love, it is NOW. Our world’s too often misconstrued concept of love might even be the very cause of our needing to understand love with this hastening requiring a capital lettered version of NOW.

Some people are of the belief that the use of the word love is bandied about too much. But I ask, “How so?” How can the love of anything or anyone be in action too much? Love, every layer of it, is always good.

I also believe that categorizing love into eros and agape is unnecessary. I believe agape love is much like broth – and the sexual intimacies you may share with someone are the added ingredients that make it a certain flavor of soup – akin to the idea of being best friends before you become lovers. You either add the ingredients, or you don’t.

I had an epiphany tonight about love. I recognize that epiphanies are sometimes blinding in their simplicity. In sharing mine, I run the risk of your thinking “uh…duh!” in reaction. And that’s okay. It’s my epiphany – and because of the nature of it, I believe it’s worth sharing – if even one mere person becomes less afraid to love generously. My epiphany came as a direct result of worrying about someone whom I love so much it hurts. I began to question why I would love so much, when the emotional “return for my investment” may never come.

Here it is: I am not a static “container of love” with a dangerously limited supply. I can actually love all I want and never, ever run out! More importantly, with the correct perspective, I can never lose by loving and especially not by demonstrating that love.

Once I love someone – in love’s truest form – which is a form which requires it being for their highest good and without concern for my personal gain or expectations. Anyway, once I love someone, I believe I will always love them – and they will forever have that space in my heart – even if they can’t reciprocate. Yes, even if this person has consciously hurt me, due to not loving me the way I want, I recognize that my hurt is merely the direct result of my unmet expectations, and shouldn’t taint my view of “love” as a whole.

My epiphany in a simple nutshell: No matter how many people I love – no matter how many people stake property in my heart – there will always be room in my heart for more. My heart will never “max out.” My heart just gets bigger.

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

It just gets bigger

It just gets bigger

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

An interview is one of the hardest things to obtain as a job seeker --

5 ways to derail your interview

Rachel Farrell, Special to CareerBuilder

An interview is one of the hardest things to obtain as a job seeker -- and unfortunately, it's also one of the easiest ways you can lose the job opportunity.

Interview mishaps happen to everyone, but the key to avoiding them is to relax and be yourself, says Laura Rose, a life and business coach and owner of Rose Coaching.

"The interview is as much about getting to know the company and work environment as it is about them interviewing you. This strategy relaxes the entire interview," she says. "You can essentially direct the interview to the areas you are most comfortable talking about. Listening to the interviewer answer the questions, you can clue in on his terminology, terms and what he feels is important. Then you can highlight those same terms and skill set in your comments back to him."

Being well-prepared for the meeting can also help you impress a potential employer.

"It's difficult to overstress how important it is to do some research on a company you're interviewing with. Have a list of good questions to ask the person interviewing you. You want to seem like you are asking questions that require thought rather than questions seeking information that may be available on the website," says Debra Yergen, author of "Creating Job Security Resource Guide."

"Start with questions about the importance the organization places on industry hot buttons and what the hiring manager sees as differences between their company and their competitors. Another great question might be something like, 'Are there any employee groups here that work together to plan team-building activities or extracurricular events that bring co-workers together either to boost morale or support the community?' These kinds of questions send a potential employer a message that you're looking for more than a job," she says.

While asking the right kinds of question is vital, you must also be prepared to answer the tough questions, says Henry Motyka, business solutions manager at Norwood Consulting.

"Of particular importance are behavioral interview questions like, 'Tell me about a situation when ... ' It is best to define those situations beforehand and memorize them," he says.

Doing your research, asking the right questions and answering tough questions are ways to avoid making an interview mistake. But, unfortunately, there are many ways to derail an interview. Here are five gaffes to steer clear of in your interview:

1. Inappropriate attire

"If you are not professionally attired, you won't get the job, even if you are the most qualified," says image consultant Sandy Dumont. "Always dress better than required for an interview. Never dress down, because it is insulting to the other person. It says, 'I don't have to impress you; I dress for my own comfort.' When you dress to impress, they get it, and you will stand out from all the other candidates."

2. Trying to lead the interview

"Many of my clients have children. [They have a] tendency to talk over their interviewers. That's how they manage to be heard at home and that's what they often do in their interviews," says Rory Cohen, a career counselor. "When you don't listen, you don't get invited back for a second interview. Interviewers, in general, want and expect to be in the driver's seat."

3. Showing up too late or too early

"If you're more than 15 minutes early to your interview, go to the restroom and freshen up, then casually walk in about 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment," says Marie Applegate Prasad, founder of WiSo Résumés.

4. Bringing your own food or drink

"Do not bring any food or drinks into the office of the interviewer. Many find eating or drinking a big distraction and some people are sensitive to smells," Prasad says. "It's best to just wait until after the interview is over."

5. Forgetting important information

"On a sheet of paper write down the following information: company, address, phone number, hiring manager, person who scheduled the interview, position you are interviewing for and job duties," Prasad says. "Study this and bring with you the day of your interview."

Rachel Farrell researches and writes about job search strategy, career management, hiring trends and workplace issues for Follow @CareerBuilder on Twitter.

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

Monday, October 24, 2011

This very day, two individuals are vying to be your personal adviser.

This very day, two individuals are vying to be your personal adviser.

The first, whose name is Fang, dresses in immaculate business attire, carries a briefcase full of neatly organized folders, and answers all e-mails instantly, via BlackBerry. In a loud, clear, authoritative voice, Fang delivers strong opinions about how you should manage your time. Fang's résumé is impressive: fantastic education, experience to burn.

The other candidate, Buddy, wears shorts, a tank top, and a rose tattoo. If you question the professionalism of this attire, Buddy just smiles. When you ask advice on a pressing matter, Buddy hugs you. There are almost no words on Buddy's résumé (the few that do appear are jokes and song lyrics), and in the margins, Buddy has doodled pictures of chipmunks.

Who will you hire to advise you?

Yeah, that's what I used to think, too.

Long, long ago, as a teenager, I gave the name Fang to my socially conscious, verbal, educated mind. Buddy was what I called a perverse, disobedient aspect of my being, who apparently never evolved logical semantics and simply does not understand How Things Are Done Around Here. Fang is wary and suspicious, while Buddy ignores all caution in the pursuit of appealing experiences, like a puppy on LSD. In high school, I vowed to let only Fang run my life. A couple of decades later, I noticed something surprising: Though I generally did listen to Fang, it was Buddy who was always right.

When clients tell me they need to find their "inner voice," I suspect they're already listening to one: a loud, logical, convincing Fang-voice that echoes parents, teachers, priests, and angry personal trainers. You have no problem hearing this voice; the problem is, its counsel rarely leads to fulfillment. Yet you sense there's someone else knocking around in your psyche: someone whose counsel might make you happy—the kind of wise, primordial self I named Buddy. Unfortunately, Buddy is almost nonverbal, initially unimposing, and, from Fang's point of view, way too weird to trust. I believe one of the primary tasks of your life is to trust Buddy anyway. That means first learning to recognize true inner wisdom, and then opening yourself to its peculiar counsel.

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

Your Life Speaks to you in Whispers:

What signals does your life use to lead you toward good decisions?.What makes it hard to pay attention to the whispers? What's distracting you?.Is there anyone in your life who causes you to doubt yourself?.Do you have a "top five problems" list of issues that come up over and over again?.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Heart of Your Home.

The Heart of Your Home
Many people feel that the kitchen stove is the heart of the home.  At no time is this truer than during the holidays.  These days, the options are astounding.  Features that were once considered luxury are now standard on many ranges.  Stainless steel finishes, smoothtops, and self-cleaning ovens are commonplace.  Add to this the fact that the price for these “premium” features has dropped considerably and your array of options further expands.
In a Hurry
If you are always rushing to prepare meals fast, you may want to consider a thermal/convection oven.  This is an oven that cooks with a fan so food cooks more quickly.  Also; if speed is an issue; bear in mind high-heat burners/elements.  Many stoves have one or two elements with higher wattage burners, resulting in faster cooking times.
Cleaning Up
Electric smoothtop stoves require careful cleaning after every use.  Residue can build up and they also require a special cleaner.  However, they are very easy to wipe up, much easier than cleaning in and around coils.  So although you need to be meticulous and consistent in wiping your smoothtop, it’s a much quicker job than maintaining the cleanliness of the coil tops.
Bigger isn’t necessarily better
How much oven space do you really need?  Not many people actually use an oven to full capacity, so consider carefully if those extra cubic feet are really essential.
Whatever your choice, your new stove will likely make kitchen life a bit easier, especially during the holiday season.  Enjoy!

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Premium Marketing Plan

My Premium Marketing Plan

What most clients want is my PREMIUM MARKETING PLAN. This type of plan is the traditional type of listing with an "Exclusive Right to Sell" and gives your property the widest range of exposure to help sell your home. The commission rate for the PREMIUM MARKETING PLAN is 6%* and will be paid at closing. All our marketing is at our expense. The seller does not pay (commission) unless the home is sold.

  • WEBSITE MARKETING - Not only will your home be placed on major websites like,,,,, Realty, Real,,,, and Home, but because we are a member of the most powerful real estate network in the world, your home can be advertised on hundreds of local websites. This is important because in our age of technology, over 87% of buyers use the internet to start looking for a home rather than other sources. When Buyers begin to look for homes on the internet they use "Search Engines" such as Yahoo! or Google. Homes we list will have their very own website, which will allow it to found directly by these search engines.

  • PROFESSIONAL "COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS" (CMA) to determine your homes value
  • ONE HOUR OF HOME STAGING CONSULTING (additional hourly rate will apply)
  • PUBLISHED IN three  MLS's. (MiRealSource & Realcomp & RMLS)
  • HOME FEAUTRED IN OUR NEWSLETTER (over 1000 subscribers)
  • ...and many other tasks associated with Listing and Selling Your Home
 Please feel free to contact us at 586-421-1642
*Some items in this plan may be altered or changed at my discretion.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

My Pledge to You: Personal Service With A Difference.

Personal Service With A Difference
You probably know how important it is to find the right Realtor when you are focusing on a financial investment as substantial and as personal as your home.

What you should know about me is that as a Keller Williams Sales Associate, I believe wholeheartedly in the unique and personal nature of real estate. You will  experience this in the way I follow through on what I promise, as I carefully guide you through the many steps and decisions along the way.

I am fully committed to providing you with Keller Williams Culture - a noticeably higher level of service that will make your real estate experience as easy and as stress-free as possible.

You can expect from me:
  • Personal and knowledgeable service that is genuinely responsive to your needs.
  • A "Neighborhood Specialist's" familiarity with local communities, home values & price trends.
  • Professional skills continually refined through KW training programs respected industry wide.
  • Advice and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Commitment to help you leverage Keller Williams many resources. I can save you valuable time and effort in securing home financing, insurance, and home connections.

Feel free to contact me anytime, whether it's to get started on helping you realize your goals and dreams, or just to ask a question. I would welcome the opportunity to make a difference for you.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!