Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Heart of Your Home.

The Heart of Your Home
Many people feel that the kitchen stove is the heart of the home.  At no time is this truer than during the holidays.  These days, the options are astounding.  Features that were once considered luxury are now standard on many ranges.  Stainless steel finishes, smoothtops, and self-cleaning ovens are commonplace.  Add to this the fact that the price for these “premium” features has dropped considerably and your array of options further expands.
In a Hurry
If you are always rushing to prepare meals fast, you may want to consider a thermal/convection oven.  This is an oven that cooks with a fan so food cooks more quickly.  Also; if speed is an issue; bear in mind high-heat burners/elements.  Many stoves have one or two elements with higher wattage burners, resulting in faster cooking times.
Cleaning Up
Electric smoothtop stoves require careful cleaning after every use.  Residue can build up and they also require a special cleaner.  However, they are very easy to wipe up, much easier than cleaning in and around coils.  So although you need to be meticulous and consistent in wiping your smoothtop, it’s a much quicker job than maintaining the cleanliness of the coil tops.
Bigger isn’t necessarily better
How much oven space do you really need?  Not many people actually use an oven to full capacity, so consider carefully if those extra cubic feet are really essential.
Whatever your choice, your new stove will likely make kitchen life a bit easier, especially during the holiday season.  Enjoy!

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