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10 Smallest Colleges in The World!

10. Holy Apostles College and Seminary - 260 Students
Built in 1956, this college located in Cromwell, Connecticut, and only focused on the training students to be the leaders and another church official. At first, this college is for man-only, and then the Vatikan decided let women in. They even offer the online system.

9. College of Visual Arts – 172 Students
One of many visual arts colleges, built in 1924, located on Saint Paul, Minnesota. The College teaches students about the importance of combining visual arts and liberal arts. It focuses on the heavy arts such as statues arts, graphical arts, painting, etc. This college often motivates their student to express their skill at works.

8. Burlington College – 168 Students
Another college located on the East Coast, Burlington College is all about art, humanitarian projects, and humanities. Once known as the Vermont Institute of Community Involvement, the college has been there since 1972. One of the interesting things about this course is that many students will study abroad, especially in countries in the European Union. Recently, universities have also been able to work with the University of Havana to offer studying there as well. Burlington College is the only college to receive special permission from the Treasury Department and approval from Cuba, in order to establish an opportunity for American students to study at the University of Havana

7. Art Academy of Cincinnati – 156 Students
Founded in 1869 as the McMicken School of Design, Art Academy of Cincinnati is one of the most prestigious, and one of the smallest, arts colleges in the USA Today. The school offers four degree programs go to: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, and Associate of Science in Graphic Design. There are some of very famous artists who have graduated from this Academy of Arts, such James Flora and Charley Harper. The School main goal is to help produce artists who will flourish in the world today

6. Bryn Athyn College of the New Church – 155 Students
Bryn Athyn College is located in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, which is about 20 miles from Philadelphia. This college has been around since 1877 and first used to train ministers. It is a Christian liberal arts center that focus on New Church and its teachings. The new church is a religious sect based on the idea and the life of Emanuel Swedenborg. This school offers all kinds of majors, including business management, biology, art, history, and many others. Although it is just a small college, it is very unique in their own ways. Despite not having all kinds of Sports Division team, the campus does have a competitive Ultimate Frisbee team

5. Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts – 151 Students
Although small, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, has been named as the "Best College" a few times. Located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, the college only two hours from New York or Boston, and most students take advantage of the main locations. This course is very meaningful for those who interested in art, whether it be painting, sculpting, or drawing. Lyme Academy praised so much that even in the New York Times talking about it, stating "... Many people in the art world believe the (Lyme) Academy has contributed to the rise of artistic representation.

4. Sterling College – 105 Students
Once known as Cooper Memorial College, Sterling College has since changed its name, although still reflecting a long history. Back to 1887, there are many Christian colleges is available throughout the U.S. but Kansas' Sterling College prides itself on the heavy emphasis put on the Christian view throughout campus. All faculty and students is Christian with the purpose "to develop creative thinking and a leader who understands the Christian faith." Despite a strong Christian school, the campus offers many majors for their students

3. Thomas More College – 84 Students
Although it is a very small liberal college, Thomas More College has been ranked by Money Magazine as one for "Best College Buys" and other ratings. This college has been around since 1921 and known as "co-educational Catholic school” located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. Despite its size, the school offers a variety of possible majors, including nursing, business, criminal justice, and many others. In addition to learning, most students spend much time they visit the Cincinnati, which is not too far from the campus area of 100 hectares

2. Shimer College – 81 Students
Calling itself the "Great Books College of Chicago," said Shimer College set out to attract particular students in the world. The college has been around for 157 years, founded by Frances Wood Shimer Cinderella and Gregory. Shimer is a liberal arts college and offers only three departments: natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Campus focuses much attention on "The Great Books" which includes titles such as The Bible, The Iliad, Agamemnon, Oedipus Rex, Paradise Lost, Holy Law, and many others. Although the narrow focus of study, Shimer College also expressed aim is to create well-rounded students, all 81 of them

1. Alaska Bible College – 38 Students
Imagine, the students are only 38 people, so the campus is worth to be the world's smallest college. :P :P :P
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