Thursday, June 26, 2014

I cannot stomach the idea! I need your help, and I've gotta move fast!

Today I heard from my friend of 7 years, Georgenia "Sunshine" West. I was so excited because I haven't seen her in 6 years and due to the expensive long distance to Jamaica, I rarely talk to her either. Thankfully, we have Facebook to stay in touch! She called me today to tell me that she finally got her own phone. She has been staying with her cousin for 2 months without a phone. Through the generosity of a local person, she now has a way to communicate. She called to tell me how hard she has been trying to find work. How frustrating it is and how on last Monday she broke down in tears because she just cannot seem to find a job. I met Sunshine when she was a camp counselor and I was a site director at Girl Scout Camp. 'Geo' as I lovingly refer to her is a single mom who lives in Kingston Jamaica. She was a dutiful and loyal camp counselor for 5 years before GSUSA did away with the international counselor position a few years ago. At the time, she made 300 a week for a 24/7 job. A summer income as a camp counselor can be stretched throughout the year there. It is common for Jamaicans to come here to work seasonal jobs that make enough money to bring home with them as the USD goes a long way in Jamaica. She saved up the 500 USD for a round trip ticket banking on the fact that she could stay with her cousin for free and work like crazy to earn a lot of money. Sadly, she has found only one job as a home health aid and the owner of the group home denied her pay of 250 which was for 5 days work monitoring, feeding, bathing and caring for five seniors. Her return flight is August 5th. I cannot stomach the idea of her returning home to her 8 year old daughter without school supplies and new school clothes for fall. Who of you is willing to chip in 20 for her airfare to Michigan? If you will help me fly her here, I will house her, feed her and find a way to pay her for 4 weeks of work (for me) so that she can buy school supplies and a few other things for her daughter, Jenny back home. Time is of the essence. Message me if you want to help. You can drop it in the mail to me at: 623 Northlawn Drive East China, MI 48054 If we manage to get her here, I will make sure we document her stay. We will make this a success for my dear humble and hard working friend.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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