Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sound off...

Dear Sojourners! I'm sorry...I apologize in advance for sounding off on politics. This blog is designed to be uplifting but lately I've been so irritated with the news of the American and/or Canadian ISIS terrorist, I just have to speak my mind. I promise this will be short. And really, it's a question for the westerners who decide to defect and join up with terrorists. Here goes: Please tell me how it makes sense that you leave a free country (North America) where people have fought and died for your freedom, died so you could have a voice and rights and opportunity then [have you] go to a foreign land and fight for a cause which stems from living under governments that refuse to give their people equal freedom, a voice, equal rights and opportunity? OMG!?! All wars can be traced back to these things: ~ people that feel they have no power ~ people feel they have no voice ~ people feel they have no personal freedom(s) ~ people feel they have no future In other words: people feel disenfranchised! The whole of the religious dogma that these terror groups are espousing is just one big distraction designed by the weak minded to keep the masses of people oppressed just enough to be controlled. The fight isn't about any set of beliefs. The fighting is for power of money, land, resources and people. Its always been that way and it is universal around the world. The only difference is whether or not people have access to human liberties and freedoms, that's it. So, again, I ask you: when you are already the beneficiary of this democratic revolution, why would you leave it? Instead, why not use your freedom of speech, your talents and unique perspective to help the oppressed in ways that might actually benefit all? Just wondering? PS Because you cant really believe that hiding behind a black mask with slits for eyes and killing innocent people is really a noble and respectable way to fight for justice? #seriously? Lisa

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