Monday, February 8, 2016

Her Beauty Secrets...

Hello! Here it is: 1) Eat Mediterranean 90% of the time 2) Eat till you're 80% full only 3) Allow a 12 hr fast every day 4) I never eat past 6...and I get up at there's where my 12 hr fast happens. 5) Drink red wine, not white -- contains antioxidants. Food list veggies: -spring greens -peppers -olives/onions/mushrooms/garlic -tomatoes -cucumbers -spinach -cabbage/asparagus/Brussels spouts -broccoli -pickled beets -artichoke -pickles -green beans Food list protein: -fish -shrimp -chicken -turkey -eggs -lean red meat -peanut butter -all nuts but raw is best Food list dairy: -2% milk -goat cheese -feta -greek yogurt Food list fats: -olive oil -canola oil -coconut oil -butter -avocado Food list fruit: -blueberry -strawberry -raspberry -blackberry -cherries -red grapes -apples Food list starches: -rye crisp wasa -brown rice -rice crackers -red potatoes -basmati rice -yams/sweet potatoes -black beans Food list juice: -pomegranate -sour cherry -concord grape Food list No No! -pork -bread -crackers (unless rice) -pasta -most potatoes -carrots -iceberg lettuce -chips (except baked) -fried food -fast food -pop/diet pop Food list in moderation: -orange juice -bananas -melons -pineapples -sour cream -cream cheese -figs/raisins/dried cranberries Food list spices: -curry both red/yellow -turmeric -ginger -paprika -cinnamon -nutmeg Drink 3 tall glasses of water each day..I drink one glass at bedtime (especially in the summer) in the winter I run a warm air humidifier in my bedroom each night. I use roc.retinol day cream and roc.retinol eye cream every other night -- and every other night I use oil of Olay glycolic acid all over my face. I also use a product called it! I get facials twice a year and massages 4x a year. I walk 30 minutes every other day on my treadmill. Thats about it! I also wear sunglasses every day! I allow a light tan to happen but never just bake in the sun. Laugh alot, meditate and train your brain for positive mindset! I take vitamin c and d oct-may..and a prenatal multi vitamin 2-3 x per month and a baby aspirin every third day of the week! Hope this was clear! Lisa♡

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