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Work for Yourself and Let Your Friends Know

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Help Your Friends Find Your Art

Do you have the new facebook profile?
Do you have a facebook fanpage (or like page or community page or whatever you want to call it) for your artwork?
With the new profiles on facebook, there is an opportunity to promote your fanpage from your profile, by setting it as your employer.
On my profile page, shown below, if I click on Lisa Call – Textile Art in my profile (circled in red), it will bring up my fan page.

When I checked a bunch of my artist and entrepreneur type friends, they had a similar job appear on their profile (artist or owner at Their Company Name), but when I clicked on the company name link it brought up an empty community page and not their fan page. Not very useful.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Go to your fanpage. Find the name of your page (see below circled in red). Mine is Lisa Call – Textile Paintings. Remember exactly what it says.
[Or make this easier Copy the text: you do this by first highlighting the text with your mouse and then in windows: type + C, or with mac: type + C].

2. Go to your profile. Click on edit profile (in box in red below):

3. Select Education and Work (see in red below):

4. In the box for employer name (see in red below), type in the name of your fan page exactly as it was on your fan page.
[Or if you copied the text you can now paste it: in windows: type + V, or with mac: type + S].

5. Then hit enter. Facebook should then find your fan page and give you some boxes to add in the rest of your employment information. Give yourself a title, add in anything else you’d like, then click Add Job.
You can tell facebook found your page because the image from your page will appear above the info box.

6. View your profile and test out the link.
Note that only the top most of your “jobs” will appear on your wall so make sure to add this entry last.
Also note that even if you didn’t switch to the new profile, all of us that did – we see your profile in the new format.

Wrap Up

This change takes only a few minutes and adds a link to your artwork for all your friends to see.
All those old high school classmates would love to see your artwork. Think big and share it with them.

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