Sunday, June 19, 2011

To an Amazing Man on Our Anniversary Day:

Holger, today I write this tribute to you because you are an unsung hero to many and today I want to call attention to all of your incredible traits.  First let me say as a son, I know your parents’ hearts overflow with love for their oldest son.  You make them so proud in everything you do and they know that your love for them is equally placed in the center of your heart.  As a son of your country, Norway, you have served your nation proudly as a military officer and, as a citizen of the world; you have stepped forward as a peacemaker by serving in The United Nations (in Lebanon) as a Peacekeeper.  In addition, being a partner to me has presented monumental challenges; but you met the problems each and every time with total objectivity and commitment to solving them…problems that most young men would run from, you openly accepted for what they were and made the best of each situation. One time your sister Linda said, “You must really love each other a lot because you have followed each other around the world for two decades!”  The truth is that we both know love is something you choose each and every day.  Love like anything, is a lifestyle choice. You took your vows seriously and I can honestly say (other than your own father) I have never met another human being with such immaculate ethics, integrity and honesty. As a son-in-law you have tolerated the intolerable when my father was homeless, you helped me find him (over and over again) to bring him home; you even washed his filthy clothes, offered him dinner and a good night’s sleep on our sofa until we could get him to the hospital for the umpteenth time. As a brother in law you have helped my siblings and turned a blind eye when their actions were despicable, all the while never judging me against them and (the sometimes) series of unfortunate events that they created. As a neighbor to your community, you would seek out opportunities to help the elderly, the poor and the isolated; and even though you are not a very religious man, you still volunteer for the church council because you know that it is the kind of community service that each and every one of us should do.  As a co-worker and boss to many, you always deliver the same consistently high level of standards and expectations in all of the work you do.  You never complain, never tire or waver from your focus of excellence. Sometimes this intensity has temporarily upset others, but eventually they see that your decisions are always rendered with the best conclusion and result in mind. People have a very high regard for you and you are respected by all those who are lucky enough to know you.  Mostly though H, I want to talk about the amazing father you are.  I wish every mother could have this kind (your kind) of father for their kids.  Never on the job part time, never halfhearted, never on some days and off others.  You awake early each and every day with the exact same positive energetic attitude.  You laugh and joke and deliver the daily expectations at the same time.   The kids have balked and fought you because they think you are sometimes unrealistic and hardcore, but as they age, they see that you are simply the best. They appreciate you so much and sometimes I can hear your words coming from their mouths.  I know you have made an indelible impression on them. It’s your work ethic, sincerity and leadership that are the very definition of a good father.  Today I want to say thank you Holger from the bottom of my heart!       I remember one time you asked me: “How many Holger Ekanger’s do you think are in the world?” and I said, “I don’t know.” And you said, “Not many, I’m the only one in the USA.”  
To that I say: “Yes Holger, you are the only one ~ after they made you, they broke the mold.”
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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