Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1) Responsibility is squarely on your shoulders! You cannot blame
others or society for who or where you are. You must constantly be
ready to change for the better; your closest friends that you spend
the most time with will have the greatest influence on who you are and
where you're going.

2) You must have the ability to let go! You will not be open to the
opportunities of the future if you are clinging to regrets or hurts
from the past. Let go of the negative thoughts.  Positive seeds reap
positive crops! Change your thinking and you can change your life.

3) You must understand your consciousness! The power of thought and
awareness is huge. Your perceptions will effect your imagination which
will effect your expectations and then your results! Remove self
judgement and the judgement of others.

4) Have positive energy! You've heard of IQ & EQ, what about AQ? The
attraction quotient will cause you to get back what you put out.
Positive energy attracts great things.  Negative energy attracts
garbage. Positive energy starts with positive thoughts so if you're
struggling with mindset use a lot of affirmations!

5) Utilize the power of intention! Keep your thoughts on what you want
to create.  Be purposeful in your thinking, expect to accomplish your
goals, be purposeful in your actions and trust the results will come!
6) Know and use wisely the power of choice! The choices that you make
today will determine what you have, what you do and who you are in the
future. Make good choices daily!

7) Fill your heart and life with Love! Love is an essential ingredient
for success. If you fill your heart, mind and being with genuine love
for yourself and for others then you will automatically come from
contribution and there will be no room for negativity or failure.
People will naturally like you and want to do business with you. 
Love people and use things (not vice versa)!

From MAPS Coach Dianna K.
Lisa Ekanger Your Preferred Realtor!

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