Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The 13 Most Attractive Qualities of Awesome Friends!

1. They’re not afraid to admit their vulnerabilities 2. They never fail to ask what you’re up to 3. They often tell you why they love you 4. They call just to say “hi” and ask how you’re doing 5. They’re not afraid to share their ideas, even if you’re in the same business 6. They genuinely want to know what you think 7. They never hesitate to extend themselves for what you think is important 8. They don’t mind if you act crazy occasionally 9. They are genuinely thrilled by your accomplishments 10. They answer honestly when you ask their opinions 11. They don’t get offended if you call them out on something 12. They don’t need to man the controls in your relationship 13. They make us laugh Lisa Ekanger !

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