Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Love Poem

I was greeted by a dark heavy cloak of rain...impossibly dreary my dear, and it was only slightly darker than my mood. Today I will summon the fortitude of a lifetime of warrior skill and mindset to employ BOTH mental and emotional tenacity. Today I will walk around the empty place that was created by me for you. A place in my heart that only the ages will understand and record. The story is timeless...the story is the same one for those who love deeply, openly and un regrettably... but through time all players discover the exact same result... what used to be whole ---a whole beating heart ---is now a quivering and fragile instrument. I don't know this path that I set out on; I cannot see the obstacles that will appear ..but in the corner of my weakened heart...a shiny example is permanently scored there. One of deep understanding, of trust, of beauty, laughter and childish ways. And for that my friend I must thank you; for that I must pull hard and deep on the reserves of gratitude and feel lucky because it was you who entered there. Lisa Ekanger

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