Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Love me, love my flaws!

I interrupt people I have buck teeth A cross bite A lisp I stutter I have rough hands I dont share my chocolate I talk too loud I talk too much I laugh too loud and at wrong times Im not good at saving money I have a lot of nervous energy Sometimes I have nightmares I have a hard time focusing I dont like to exercise Im not in a good mood if I stay up too late Im not in a good mood if I have to get up too early. Im terrible at math Im a poor listener I get bored easily I get bored with other people easily Ive got dry skin...and now im getting wrinkles too I dont care what other people think Im not all that interested in food I expect people to love me...just because! I struggle caring about sports like football etc... Im pushy I keep pushing until youre mine or you put a stop to it. I fight with convention and authority I wear too much makeup I dont always take my makeup off before bed I like being the center of attention I dont like yard work...housework...lol! These are most of my flaws! #justsayin! Lisa Ekanger

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