Wednesday, September 24, 2014

You were totally aware...

When you were born you were totally aware that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. And then you got older. And things happened. And you started to forget the Truth. You started moving out of the awareness of love and into fear, doubt, and judgment. The answer: “ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!” is the answer to that question. I unequivocally assure you that there is nothing wrong with you. Even if you feel stuck. Even if you cannot figure out what you want to do with your life or hate your job. Even if you snapped at your spouse or child this morning. Even if you are ten pounds heavier than you want. Even if you are single and long for a partner. Even if you had a terrible childhood. Even if you have debt. Even if you have been labeled with a diagnosis. There is not a single reason in the entire universe that anything could possibly be wrong with you so please STOP LOOKING! — Christine Hassler Lisa Ekanger

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