Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are you Creative? You Have to Be to Change Your Habits!

Are you Creative? You Have to Be to Change Your Habits!

So I'm at the gym this morning. Long ago are the days of ‘heavy lifting' I've downsized to circuit training and implementing the HIIT System (High Intensity Interval Training). Things have been going grand. I'm a person that likes to take a look around and really ‘take in' the atmosphere. Whether it's at the gym, mall, airport etc.

One thing I did notice is the gym has about 1/3 of the people working out than it had a month ago. Most of the ‘resolutionists' are gone. In a way I'm glad as I'm able to get my workout in and not have to wait on machines or weights. But another part of me that really likes to see thru someone else's eyes and wonder what the people who gave up were thinking now. I'm sure in the 30 days or so they had been coming to the gym they saw results and I'm wondering what kind of self talk is happening to stop them from coming in.

I saw Rod Hairston speak a couple years ago and he put it this way. The conscious mind can only do so much until the subconscious mind (the gate keeper) steps in and says ‘this is not the way we do things'. So the gatekeeper will let you do things until things get uncomfortable then he steps in and sabotages you. So to keep the gatekeeper at bay you must constantly instill creativity into your life.

As an agent I am a prospecting maniac. I have timely follow up, network and not a day goes by that business is not coming in; this is all due to having a system in place and constantly feeding the mind ‘curveball's to keep it off balance. I was not always that way; I would always find excuses to not call on prospects that needed my services. I got around this obstacle by becoming creative with all aspects of my field.
Some things that I did:
a. Get up early and get all the tedious items on your agenda done.
b. I got an accountability partner to ‘hold my feet to the fire'
c. I ‘shadowed' other agents to see what they are doing and see if I can pick up a step (still do this)
d. Cold call 3 hours a week. (this really stinks, but has to be done)
e. Joined networking groups from different fields of business to see what I can implement

There are many other things as well, but I think you get the gist.

I know the people that want to transform themselves really want to, but get railroaded by negative self-talk. The only way to achieve a new identity is be creative and hold themselves accountable.

I would like to hear some creative things you do to keep progressing....................
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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