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Diet Guide Issued by Government:

Diet Guide Issued by Government, Eat Less Salt

dietary guide 2010
Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 Released January 31, 2011 - Photo Gov
The United states Departments of Agriculture (USDA) along with the Health and Human Services (HSS) announced the new dietary guidelines for the year 2011. The new guidelines will assist with the control of chronic heart diseases, but also will help to stop the ongoing obesity crisis. The plan is to advise morbidly obese and overweight people to burn more calories, controlling the epidemic.
The new guide released on January 31, 2011, is published as the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 and replaces the 2005 version. The 112-page guide includes information keeping a clean kitchen with hygiene, cooking safely, refrigeration temperatures and tips on how to avoid food-borne diseases. One of the major differences in the two guides is the 1,500-mg per day sodium intake limits.
A factor significantly stressed in the guideline is controlling the intake of sodium or salt. Officials believe the average amount of consumption of salt is well above the advised limits. Most sodium intake comes hidden in breads, chicken and pasta rather than getting added manually by consumers at home.
The new dietary guidelines advise people older than 51, African American or those suffering from diabetes, chronic kidney diseases and high blood pressure to reduce their salt consumption. The recommended amount to consume for at-risk categories is a little more than a half a teaspoon, while others are encouraged to reduce to a teaspoon per day.
Fast food and processed food consumption prompted the advice to reduce the intake of salts, sugars and solid fats. The guidelines also suggested that more vegetables, seafood, whole grains and fruits are added to their diet.
“We are saying to Americans: You really need to think about your diet because you want to live a good, healthy life and you want your children and grandchildren to have that same opportunity,” said Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack.” You need to be conscious of what you eat.”
According to the USDA and HSS, the guidelines will help the people to eat healthier. Other important guidelines are to drink more water and to reduce the intake of fats by switching to low-fat or fat-free dairy.

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