Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Am A Failure by Alyssa Gregory

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I fail all the time. Every single day. I make mistakes, say the wrong thing, lose my patience, take wrong turns, make bad choices, procrastinate, say yes when I should say no, say no when I should say yes, give too much, give too little, and the list goes on and on.
No matter how hard I push myself to be perfect, I still fail at something, every single day. Some of my failures are big; some are small. But every single day, there is a misstep. So, I am a failure.
You know what? You are a failure, too. You may be just like me, a Type-A, do-it-all-and-do-it-all-well, self-imposed perfectionist kind of person, or you may be a part of the laid-back, relaxed club, but I can guarantee that you fail every single day, just like I do.
We are human; we fail. There is nothing we can do about it.
Unless we use failure to our advantage.
Think about it. Being a failure is not as miserable and defeating as it sounds. Failure means to be unsuccessful at something (NOT everything). And heck yeah, I’m unsuccessful at a lot of things. But almost every time I fail, I learn something. I learn how to compromise despite my stubbornness, bite my tongue when it’s best not to say anything, work productively in time chunks instead of goofing off from overwhelm, and do things the right way after I’ve messed them up the first time.
Failure is humbling. It can knock us down when we start to get overconfident, and make us more appreciative of what we already have.
Failure can also be a very powerful motivator. If we’re not worried about failure, we may not be as willing to work so hard, dream so big or take that chance.  Without the risk of failure, we become complacent.
So, yes, I will proudly admit to being a failure. Because to me, being a failure means I’m human. I’m learning, striving to be better and motivated to succeed. Failure is empowering. I am proud to say I’m a failure, even though I’m a Type-A, do-it-all-and-do-it-all-well, self-imposed perfectionist kind of person. Because failure makes me better.
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