Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When a Grandma Passes. By Lisa Thielen-Ekanger

                                                                    When a Grandma Passes.
            Recently, the Grandma of a friend of mine passed away and I was immediately transported back to the week when my beloved Grandma left my life.  Grandmas do pass away every day and I think we all like to tell ourselves that they had lived a long and fruitful life, and that they will be missed just like all other loved ones who have passed.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Grandmas are so much more to a family than we are willing to openly admit.  A special corner of the heart is reserved for them because they raised the ones who raised us.  They hold both keys of wisdom and mystery because they loved us as much as our parents, but from an arm’s length distance which made their words more monumental, their winks more warm. Grandma, our connection was strong and true; we didn’t need words to understand our place in each other’s lives.  This quiet mutual devotion guided me in ways I still have yet to discover.  The pain of the loss of you is a deep burning sensation beneath the tears ~ in fact ~ tears just seem false to me and somehow I cannot allow them to be.  Grandma, your provenance is important, quite possibly the most important part of any grown child’s mental health.  You were the beautiful baby girl of two doting parents (and Granddaughter) of the people I never met, my ancestors.  You grew up in a different and mysterious time and your path in this world was an important one because the things you witnessed and the relationships you built were the glue of love.  Through your actions you helped build a strong community, you advocated for the unfortunate and underserved and you triumphed through the difficulties and challenges that life handed you. Grandma, like a different petal of the same rose you weathered life’s harsh storms before me as did your Grandmother before you.  Let us not forget that you were someone’s baby, someone’s best friend, someone’s lover, someone’s student, someone’s mentor, someone’s saving grace, somebody’s guiding light and a family’s everything. By the very virtue that you earned the title Grandma makes you an incredible success. Every hour of everyday a grandma passes away on this earth.  Every hour of every day and new Grandma is born as she receives the news that her first grandchild has arrived. I make a pledge to appreciate all Grandmas that are still here with us contributing that magical matriarchy ~ next time I meet up with someone else’s Grandma, I will honor her in memory of you and know that I will be completely blessed if my path leads me to hold the same title someday.
~Written By: Lisa Ekanger
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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