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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As winter approaches and the temperature changes it’s time to start preparing your home for winter. Beyond the usual provisions such as the sprinkler system or remedying any drafts, there is the consideration that you will be spending a lot more of your time indoors. You will want to make the inside of your home as comfortable as possible for the indoor season.

In the winter the furnace is the beating heart of the home. Check the filter, clean or replace if it’s old and dusty. Make sure it is in good working order, the middle of a freezing snowstorm is not the ideal time to find out there is something wrong with your furnace.

Make sure you carbon monoxide detector works, if you don’t have one, get one.

Before you start closing up your home for the winter, now is a good time to give a good cleaning. Get the small, dusty areas and scrub them well, so you can start the indoor in a clean, fresh environment.

Consider the humidity. Winter air can be dry and that can not only make you uncomfortable but can wreak havoc on the wooden furniture and floors in your home. Before you buy one though, do a bit of research. Make sure it is energy efficient and relatively easy to fix.

You will also need to weatherproof your doors and windows, to keep the heat inside and the drafts out. Install door sweeps along all of your outside doors. Sweeps use rubber to form a tight seal with the floor and create a barrier to the outdoors. For windows there are a lot of options. You can use removable caulking, the old standard plastic cover or even heavy drapes if you don’t want to seal up the window.

Lastly, don’t forget to make the space cheerful. Use plants, candles maybe some potpourri to keep the atmosphere lively.


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