Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So let’s get the paperwork done without drinks, or pizza or your generous offering of marijuana ~ Thanks a million!

Yesterday something crazy happened to me. Lately I have been noticing more and more that people just don’t understand boundaries anymore. Just to break it down quickly, I ran from the home of a client because he offered me a joint and when I refused, I could see that he wanted to hug me. Yuck.

Seriously? How many hugs do I have to give you to congratulate you on your new home? As I was walking away (rapidly) from him towards my car (I swear he was going to try to make this a Bogie/Bergman scene) I slipped on a muddy patch of leaves and landed on my left knee. I ripped my favorite pants and was bleeding as I got into my car…he ran after me saying, “Oh my Lisa are you OK?” and I yelled, “I’m fine! Bye!” I wasn’t fine. I was bleeding and needed a tissue and a band aid. A few months ago, a client spilled his bloody Mary all over my 30 pages of bank owned purchase agreement papers. Again, seriously? Let me dispel some real estate myths for you:

Real estate is a weird profession. Some people think we are paid like pharmaceutical reps and that blowing through gas and putting wear and tear on our cars by driving all over god’s green earth is no big deal. They think we get mileage reimbursements and a regular hefty paycheck. What part of housing crisis don’t they get? We work on 100% straight commission. Just like the door to door sales man you are trying to avoid. The big difference (and one of many) is that we are licensed and insured and are expected to know almost as much as a real estate attorney. We are here to guide you in making one of the most important financial and emotional decisions of your life. We are not here to be your friend; we are not together because we are on a date ~ ditto for every time we meet thereafter. Yes you can trust me like a friend because I will take on your dreams in a very personal way, but please don’t forget I do this because I get paid to do this and because I love knowing that I negotiated the very best contract on your behalf. We can have fun during the process, but please respect that my job is a lot of hard work and my time spent with you means I cannot spend it with my family. So let’s get the paperwork done without drinks, or pizza or your generous offering of marijuana ~ Thanks a million!


Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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