Friday, December 9, 2011

If you like a neutral bedroom with layers of patterns and one of a kind accents than...

You are a Collector

One way to create an ideal bedroom is to include pieces that feel like they’ve been collected over the years. Heirloom and antiques mixed with patterns and upholstery allow you to create a personal space that is comfortable and layered. When layering, bring in colors from other parts of the room in your fabrics and accents. Shelving with meaningful books and personal photos are also a good idea, just make sure the room doesn’t become too busy.

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You like to get away from it all, and your bedroom should feel like a daily escape. One way to do that is to create a calming effect with natural elements, such as rattan chairs and linen fabrics. If you have a favorite color, accessorize with that in accent pieces (e.g. bowls, picture frames), but overall maintain a tranquil feel with earth tones. Avoiding clutter and using open shelving, will also help. Go for high impact with fewer pieces.
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