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Pancakes from Scratch!

Pancakes from Scratch

(Or Mom’s Helper Pancakes)

You’ll Need:

~ Bowl (preferably with spout) ~ 1 Egg

~ Metal or plastic turner ~ 1 Cup Flour

~ Frying pan (preferably large) ~ 2 Teaspoons Baking Soda

~ Measuring Cup ~ 2 Teaspoons Sugar

~ Measuring Spoon ~ ¼ Teaspoons Salt

~ Serves 4 ~ 1 Cup Milk

~ Double or triple recipe as needed ~ 3 Tablespoons margarine

Difficulty Rating 2

How to Make:

1.) Break egg into bowl and beat with either a whisk or a fork for one minute.

2.) Mix all dry ingredients in a large spouted bowl.

3.) Pour egg into dry ingredients and blend together.

4.) Add milk and 2 tablespoons margarine and beat until batter is smooth (batter should be thin enough to pour easily ~ if batter is too thick add a little milk ~ if batter is too thin add a little flour)

5.) Lightly grease frying pan with 1 tablespoon of margarine.

6.) Heat pan over low heat to the slow count of 20.

7.) When pan is hot, pour a little (like a half of a cup) of the batter into it.

8.) It will spread to form a round flat cake.

9.) When the top of the cake is covered with approximately 12 bubbles (and the edges look slightly dry) use a pan cake turner to turn the pan cake and brown the other side.

10.) Repeat!

*Note: ~ Browning the second side goes a little more quickly than the first side

~ You can make variations of this recipe by adding chocolate chips or applesauce to the batter, or add cheese or jam after they are cooked!

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