Friday, December 16, 2011

The truth, what is the truth?

How much of this is a lie? This is the question I am asked by a co-worker. How much of this story is something you tell yourself because you don’t want to face the truth? For that matter, how much of what you say is the truth? The truth, what is the truth?

The word means an actual state of matter, a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principal or actual existence. My life is actual, my thoughts are real and my wishes are true. My perception of interactions, situations and the daily hum of life are true to me and that’s all that matters. To me, “I am what I say I am” and likewise with you ~ “I am whatever you say I am” My reality, my role in life is fluid. Please don’t allow your limiting beliefs about the world to box me in.

What’s the real truth my friend? Let’s start with the holiday season. A perpetual circus of planning, preparing and recovering from a never ending cyclone of consumerism. Christmas for non-Christians appears to be no different than a bustling food market in New Delhi India. People moving, people grabbing, people freaking out and freaking in! People on a quest for the perfect _____fill_____in_____the_____blank_____.

The buzz, the implied importance and the ritualistic necessity. Is any of it true? Is any of it real? Each and every 12 months we decide to spend more than we should on things we pretty much don’t need hoping to win the affection of people that already love us…and some (unfortunately) that most certainly don’t and most likely never will. The self-imposed hope and anticipation that we create are just huge distractions are they not? Let’s be honest here. We are living breathing mammals who dread the winter just as much as our warm blooded friends (all animals except house pets) who have to prepare themselves for the harsh reality of less food, less warmth, less mating, less water ~ let’s face it, less joy.

Being the mammals with the largest brains gives us the ability to manufacture false abundance by calling it an important event. The hoarding, the over eating, the excessive consumption of alcohol and sweets (and portion sizes that make us look in the mirror with disgust at what we have created) are all vain attempts at making ourselves feel better until the sun comes back into our lives. The truth is that suicides are at a yearly high during the holidays because some people just can’t ‘buy’ into the delusion, the fairytale that better things are always around the corner if we just play the game according to the rule book.

The truth is that most people are born with the personality that they will carry with them all of their lives and that the passing years will not somehow bless them with a sense of humor or some other trait they have envied in others. Your teeth don’t get whiter, your hair won’t get thicker, and your intellect (most likely) will not get sharper…and most people will live out their lives in the income class they were born into.

This is the truth and most can’t handle the truth so they immerse themselves in the small things that deliver the most distractions like cookie baking, decorating, knick knack shopping and holiday card writing. Me, well I’m O.K. with people living in this delusion as long as they leave me out of the insanity. Please, I just ask for a little respect ~ so don’t assume I believe the same things as you believe (I would never be so arrogant as to do this to you) and when I say I’m just not that into it, don’t try to spell out all of the reasons why I should be and try to find ways that will pull me in because it simply won’t.

That’s as real and truthful as I can be. Accept me and I might allow you into my life ~ reject me and I will be happy that you didn’t waste my time with more petty distractions. Either way, I thank you. XOXO Lisa

Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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