Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Remember how Frank Sinatra sang "Do Be Do Be Do"? Well, Frank's a great crooner--but he's a dyslexic self-help guru. To live your happiest life, you gotta sing "Be Do Be Do Be Do." The goal is to focus on being before doing - and the benefits are many!

Let me back up and explain...

Right now, you are probably walking around thinking a variety of things such as:

"I want to make lots of money."
"I want to have lots of loving, loyal friends."
"I want men to find me sexy and appealing."
"I want a wildly happy love life." get a lot of money, friends and love, you need to act in a way that attracts more money, friends and love. Are you acting accordingly?

Ask yourself this: What qualities do you need to improve to attract more successful life results in your life?

Do you view yourself as someone who is disciplined, organized, warm, loving, patient, self-loving, intuitive, calm, confident, courageous, open-minded, generous and empathic?

Your identity will always determine your habits which then determines your destiny. Who you think you are (and who you actually are) will always affect what you choose to do -- and thereby how people and the world at large respond to you.

For this reason, it is very important to write a "to be" list every day --even before you write your "to do" list. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


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