Friday, May 18, 2012

Michele Myrick, yes you!  Im talkin to you Ms. Veep at E & A Credit Union. My blood is boiling and this is after waiting a full 24 hours to 'cool down' before I post a BLAST BLOG about your bank and its awful service. Right now, to me, E & A stands for Equally Awful because thats what I experienced over and over for the last week or so as I tried to assist my child in taking out a car loan. 

I told him to call you because youre supposed to be the credit union with an "UNBELIEVABLE" banking experience.  Oh, its unbelievable alright..unbelievably BAD service!  Lets start with the the first attempt to talk to a just doesnt happen!  First off you get a recorded message that asks for your account number ~ I DONT HAVE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER, Im trying to become a new client for you!  This recording is extremely irritating because it kindly reminds you (over & over) that you will be helped more quickly by entering this number. Next, I press the corresponding number and I am sent to a call navigator...WTH?  Seriously?  This is about as bad as when they decided too call homemakers domestic engineeers. 

C'mon, lay off the unbelievable crappy marketing attempts and just let me talk to a energetic, qualified and interested loan officer! 

No such luck.  I spoke with Jenna Lemon...oh yes, I know this sounds too good to be true, but yes Jenna my dear, you are truly living up to your name.  You half heartedly listened to my story, then tell me that theres no need to meet in person as you do ALL of your loans via phone now and that you will call me back by the end of the day.  Did you call? NO. Did you call the next day? No.  The third day I called you and guess what?  You were on vacation!

This UNBELIEVABLE story gets better! 

My Mom who has accounts there decided to call as well....and guess what?  Yep, you got it.  She left 3 voicemails over 3 days and heard nothing back . Luckily, I already decided to move on to another bank when Mom called to tell me that she ripped Ms. Lemon a new ZEST!  Not only did she leave you a nasty voicemail, she plans to write a letter to your manager.  Uh oh, theres a whole family just like me and we are so PISSED that we are going to make sure that this message gets out there about your UNBELIEVABLY LAME customer service. 

You see, you thought you just brushed off a 22 yr old college student with 'lite' credit when in fact you just said goodbye to 3 adults who buy cars and homes and have a million in the stock market. Not to mention, a refi from said 22 year old who will start his 47k job in August.  So I hope you read this Ms.Michele Myrick to your loan navigatgor Jenna Lemon, and I really hope you take it to heart.  I have a VERY BIG mouth and I work with the public....oh wait, so does my Mom & Husband as well.  I think if you want to live up to your marketing statement, you might want to start with hiring a real receptionist to answer your phones, youre not that big after all (youre not Chase!) what you think youre too big to do this? Secondly, maybe you want to hire professionals who are trained to ask the right questions and when they make a comittment to call a customer back, actually do so.  I have a very high Google SEO and LOTS of loyal followers. Beware Beware! E & A SUCKS....I think I'll make sure to tell Angie too.

Lisa Ekanger Your Preferred Realtor!

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