Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spontaneity is a conditioned response!

Spontaneity is something that many people don't like because they equate spontaneity with surprises, and most people do not like surprises. However, being spontaneous can give you some relaxed and uninhibited qualities because no matter what happens next, you can deal with it. This is an incredible trait to have in life. Spontaneity conditions us to relax.
Keeps your mind sharp as a tack. Having unknowns in your schedule and being OK with that can force you to really focus on what's at hand.
Less Stress. The better you are at coping with unknown situations, the less stress you'll accrue throughout the day.
Gets you out of the doldrums. Do something completely unexpected. Shake things up a bit. The spur-of-the-moment has a strange ability to lift a funk.
Here are some tips to add spontaneity to your work day.
Draw boundaries. Above all, your work has to be done.
A little can go a long way. Try working at a coffee shop instead of the office. Anything to spice up your work routine, or even the rest of your life.
Pencil it in. Set aside a chunk of time each day to do whatever you want.
Be naughty. It's ok to have a little fun and break the "rules" sometimes. Look for inspiration. If you need a boost of creativity to really be spontaneous, take off your blinders and look for inspiration.
If one can practice disciplined spontaneity, they will start to see the benefits of being a more flexible person in general.
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