Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Most people don't live their dreams because they don't have the emotional fitness to bring them about.

It's interesting, people having this idea that they "shouldn't" be stressed. Or if they are stressed, they are out of balance. While this is true if you are ALWAYS stressed beyond your ability, stress is healthy.

I discovered last week with one of my mentoring clients that one of her rules is that life isn't fair unless change is gentle and easy. NO WONDER she was having so much conflict. With that as her RULE (aka what has to happen in her mind for her to FEEL a certain way), there's no way she is going to be giving change an empowering meaning.

Let's face it. We all want some part of our lives to change. But let's also get real with ourselves that change is NOT easy and very rarely GENTLE. Sometimes it is, but usually it's a kick in the teeth.

I was blessed to be put in a VERY high profile job at a young age. From the age of 19 - 22 I worked at a top talent management company in Hollywood. It was go 24/7. And while that lifestyle was not sustainable, I did learn many valuable lessons about how to manifest - one of them being how to handle stress.

Most people feel stress, anxiety or worry and stop. But that's not the successful response.

I dive INTO the stress. I keep going. I understand that expansion and growth of any kind requires stress. Working out literally RIPS my muscles apart. Success comes with problems and problems create stress. It's how well we MANAGE the problems and stress that will determine how far in life we will go.

Most people don't live their dreams because they don't have the emotional fitness to bring them about. Emotional fitness and giving stress an empowering meaning are REQUIRED for The Path. We are warriors, not worriers. We are soldiers of Love, which means that while we are spiritual, we are not push-overs. While we are meditative, we are not passive. While we care about others, we also take time to be self-ish. And while we want to live in balance, we realize that is not a state of constant quiet calm, but accepting that life has many waves and our job is to not resist them but to learn how to surf.


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