Sunday, July 1, 2012

Relationships are containers for our growth.

The most difficult relationships in our lives come bearing wonderful fruit. Relationships are containers for our growth. Some people come into our lives only for a moment, some for a longer period of time and some for our entire life.

Whatever the duration, it matters not, each person is sent by The Uni-verse for our education and edification.

It is easy and normal to enjoy the great relationships in our lives. Our best friends, our lover, our family (well for some of us) provide wonderful experiences for us. It is easy to be grateful and see how mostly positive relationships benefit us.

But our focus today isn't on those relationships. Our focus today is on the negative and "toxic" relationships that we have. There is soooo much for us to learn in these circumstances. When we do not experience love, it is because we are not bringing love the situation.

Wait, what? You might be thinking that you bring all kinds of love to certain people and all they do is treat you poorly. Three things are inaccurate about this statement.

1. You are not bringing love to yourself if you are tolerating unhealthy relationships in your life.

2. Your judgment of other people prevents you from loving them.

3. When you show up to only take from someone, rather than give, you are not truly loving him/her or yourself.

Knowing these three inaccuracies in our perception can greatly assist us in making better and healthier choices. Let us intentionally decide today to correct our perception of these inaccuracies.

Let us love ourselves enough to choose to be in only healthy relationships. Let us drop our judgments of others and thank difficult people for showing us how to love them more and judge less. Let us decide to show up in our relationships from a place of fullness rather than from emptiness - so that we may give, instead of just take.


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