Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The 21 most common limiting beliefs

From limiting beliefs.com
The 21 most common limiting beliefs
Everyone has limiting beliefs hidden deep inside them. Successful people overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.
These are the most common limiting beliefs - could you be harbouring one of them?
  1. I'm not good enough
  2. I don't deserve (love/money etc)
  3. I am not worthy
  4. I am bad (eg I'm a bad parent)
  5. I will never....
  6. It's too late for me to.... (change my career etc)
  7. I always disappoint people
  8. I can't change
  9. I'm too selfish/loud/shy
  10. I am not pretty/slim/clever enough
  11. My father was an alcoholic (or had cancer) and that means so will I
  12. I will never find love
  13. All men cheat/ all women are bitches
  14. I will always be fat
  15. I have a slow metabolism
  16. I hate exercise
  17. Money is evil
  18. I will never be rich
  19. There is never enough money (or money doesn't grow on trees)
  20. Money makes you unhappy
  21. My dream will never come true
And a bonus one for good measure;
"I can't do it!"
If you have negative thoughts or feelings going on inside you on a regular basis, or any patterns in your life that you can't seem to figure out (bad relationships or continuous problems with money for example) it is VERY likely that you have a hidden limiting belief.
Try a truth statement.
Choose a subject that you feel may be a problem for you or an area of your life that you are not happy with (ie money, love, family illness etc) and then pick one of the above phrases and say it out loud to yourself.
How true did it feel on a scale of 0-10? 10 being definitely true and 0 being completely false.
If you are more than a 5, you really need to work on this area of your personal development as your limiting beliefs will cause you problems in that area of your life and stop you from living the life that you desire AND the life that you truly deserve.
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