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Make Your Home Smell Good

Mar. 25, 2011
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What is the first thing that catches your attention when you go inside someone's home? Many times you feel its scent before you can look at the the decor. Actually, the smell of a house is more important than it seems. Make sure your place smells good. That will certainly help to make a good first impression.

When people come into your home, you want them to feel nice and comfy. Nobody will ever feel good in a badly smelling place. Of course, they probably woudn't tell you that they don't find your house the most amazing place to be, but chances are you wouldn't have many visitors, no matter how stylish or cool your home is. Briefly put, if you want your friends to like hanging out at your place, you definitely need to make it smell nice.

The smell of a place is one of the most important factors its possible buyers notice immediately. One of my clients refused to buy a really beautiful house just because the horrible smell of cigarettes was extremely overwhelming. No matter how great a house looks or how fabulous its price, it could be difficult to sell if its odour is unpleasant.

Here's a few ideas that might make your place nicely scented. Importantly, your windows should be open as much as possible. It's great to get some fresh air and even more so if the weather is good, you can see and feel flowers everywhere and the sun is shining.

You could also make use of what you may already have at home; try using cinnamon, orange peels or even pine cones for example. Scented candles help as well. When done with a bit of a creative attitude, they can both nicely decorate and freshen up your home.

Many times only one thing smells really bad . It's the carpet, very often. It's necessary to just throw it out, if it's very old. It may be best to simply replace wall-to-wall carpeting with wood or vinyl flooring and get a few small throw rugs for decoration.

Most problematic, in my opinion, is the smell of cigarettes. The easiest solution would be to smoke outside if you don't want to quit, although not everyone is willing to. I have heard a few helpful tips for alleviating cigarette odour from your house The most usual is to leave a bowl of vinegar in the affected room for some time and let it destroy the smell.

Do you know about anything else that could help? Inform me please if you have .We all ought to live in a house that smells good.
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