Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My personality scores...

Below are your scores for the big five personality traits of Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism.

Your score for openness was 75 out of 100.

People with high scores on openness tend to have a general appreciation for art, adventure, and unusual ideas. They typically are full of imagination, curious, and sensitive to beauty. They enjoy a wide variety of experiences.

This trait distinguishes people with high openness scores from more down-to-earth, conventional people. Compared to others, they tend to be more creative and more aware of their feelings. They might even hold some rather unconventional beliefs!

Your score for conscientiousness was 67 out of 100.

People with high scores on conscientiousness tend to be thought of as intelligent and reliable. They typically prefer planning over spontaneous behavior, avoid trouble, and tend to succeed through planning and persistence.

Compared to others, people with high conscientiousness scores typically are self-disciplined, achievement-oriented, and dutifully.  However, they can also show a tendency toward perfectionism and are prone to being workaholics.

Your score for extraversion was 100 out of 100.

People with high scores on extraversion tend to be outgoing and full of energy.  They typically to seek out stimulation and like being around other people.

Compared to others, people with high extraversion scores are enthusiastic and action-oriented.  Where others might hesitate, they say *Let's go!*  People with high extraversion scores typically don't mind asserting themselves and don't shy away from being the center of attention.

Your score for agreeableness was 50 out of 100.

People with high scores on agreeableness tend to be friendly, considerate, and willing to compromise. They are typically both compassionate and cooperative, placing high value on getting along with others.

Compared to others, people with high agreeableness scores generally have an optimistic view about human nature, believing that people are generally decent and trustworthy.  They are seldom antagonistic towards others and promote social harmony.

Your score for neuroticism was 67 out of 100.

People with high scores on neuroticism tend to be emotionally reactive and vulnerable to stress. They are often prone to interpret ordinary situations as being threatening and, if not careful, tend to treat minor frustrations as if they were hopeless difficulties.

Compared to others, when people with high neuroticism scores undergo a negative emotional reaction it is likely to persist over time and might give the impression that they are often in a bad mood.
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