Tuesday, April 5, 2011

This is all that matters to me right now...

            And so another day passes. I arrived to the sound of the sea, was lulled to sleep by the slow and consistent churn of white noise which is not unlike that of a huge roaring crowd. The sea made up of billions of water droplets forming majestic crescent shaped scoops of water that rhythmically crash and smash the coastline in perpetuity…and the crowd which is made up of thousands of people, a thousand beating hearts and their voices uniting in one hush crying for victory. A day by design, one with no appointments, meetings, agendas or to do lists.  A practice day for the days to come when the kids are grown and my job is reduced to a casual (and occasional) dabble in helping someone out with a unique contract situation.  I guess you can say that today was a perfect day.  I looked at my feet and reached down to feel my rough dry skin. I know I should put lotion on them, but the thick cracked texture just underscores (to me) the importance of my place in life.  Like the ancient elephants that are born with deep grooves, my lines also mark the story of generations on the move. My feet are a timeline of walking for many days in many lands; making them soft would just remove that reminder.  I don’t want to take away this evidence of age ~ I don’t want that to happen because I might forget to try as hard as possible to live in the here and now.  Today, however, I successfully lived in the moment when I felt the fine sand sticking to my face, when I noticed the sting of the sun across the bridge of my nose and when I fell into such a deep sleep-like trance that in the moment, I only felt the heavy pull of gravity; the weight of my own body to the ground.  I was a part of the beach, a piece of this earth ~ I was amazed by it, and I knew I belonged here.  Here is the ocean place of my birth, birthplace of all living things.  Today I felt as anonymous as one fan among thousands ~ today I felt as invisible as any one particle of beach sand, a stationary and silent observer of life.  There was a misty haze along the coast and strong gusty winds moving in different directions; the waves were large and especially loud. I said to myself, “This is all that matters to me right now..ahhh such peaceful glory, my heaven on earth.” And yes, another day ends and my usual electric anxiety has left me. My new found tranquility is my soul enveloped by the hypnotic cradle of the midnight sea.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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