Thursday, September 6, 2012

Every Journey Begins With That FIRST Step!

Every Journey Begins With That FIRST Step!

by Jenna Phillips on September 6, 2012
You know those moments that have felt like absolute rock bottom; almost as if life couldn’t possibly get any worse? We’ve all had those experiences, and I’m sure you nodded your head while you thought of one time in particular. Thank The Uni-verse you got through it, right? And of course you did – because when we hit rock bottom, the only possible direction is to go up and UP!
We move through so many chapters and phases throughout our life, and each new beginning happens with a conscious step toward a different experience. Change ONLY happens if we decide to step outside of our comfort zone. I’ll say with conviction that the first step out of our most comfortable (although usually stagnant) state is probably the one that sucks the most. Once you get that over with, you’re already walking on greener grass.
I wanted to share a video I filmed on Labor Day that shines light on the very notion of CHOOSING to get uncomfortable. A little foreshadowing – I was severely injured in May and was unable to exercise like I used to for months. I’ve been adding some focused strength training into my routine over the last couple weeks and that has improved on my rehabilitation process.

On Monday, for the first time in what seemed like many moons, I decided to crank up my workout. I challenged myself to some intense intervals with minimal rest in between each set. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be and I almost puked. My heart felt like it was going to explode and my lungs just couldn’t get enough air. Half-way through my challenge, tears began falling down my face for a few different reasons:
1) I didn’t remember the last time I’d felt so out of shape;
2) I wanted it to be over but knew I had another half to get through; and
3) I was realizing this awful level of discomfort was an indicator that I was evolving (happy tears).
You see, if we sit on the couch and never try our hardest – we will never EVER experience extreme discomfort like that. It’s not that we’re out of shape, it’s actually that we’re trying really, really hard to not be the same old versions of ourselves. To not grow is to not live. To not evolve is to not thrive. Life can be as cozy or as exhilarating as we want it to be.
You get to decide what feels better: sitting on your butt at home, or slipping into those pants that didn’t fit you three months ago. The choice is yours and you are powerful beyond measure. If you feel “not-awesome,” just hear me when I say, “you ARE awesome! You’re AMAZING! Love yourself for being in whatever state you’re in, because every single moment is setting you up for something bigger and BETTER!”
You’re evolving. You’re loving. You’re BEING. So BE powerful, and make the choice to make the change! Just take that first step and trust that you’re on your way to greatness – all over again!
Love all that is you,
Lisa Ekanger Your Preferred Realtor!

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