Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Five Actions Will Change Your Life:-)

Today I am going to give you a magic wand for bringing about change in your life. Any change you want to create can be accomplished by taking five inspired actions per week. That's it.

This five inspired actions tool works for any area of your life: career, body, money, love, community, character traits or any other that you care to wave your wand at. My clients who use this tool and make it a weekly habit, thrive. Together, let's set up your plan for taking inspired action in your life.
First, what do I mean by "inspired action?" I mean actions you take that align with your dream and that are outside your "normal" range of activities. It's not important that you find "the right" inspired actions at the outset, but rather that you start implementing any five inspired actions. In other words, I am officially banning you from using the excuse of not knowing which five to implement at first; just start somewhere.
When I was seeking my dream career, I began taking five inspired actions per week. This was before I really knew how to dream, but nonetheless using the inspired action tool still yielded great results. At the time, I was debating between working in international development, writing science policy, starting a company, or being a professor... or maybe something else. I didn't know enough about these careers, or myself, to make an informed decision about any of them, so I aimed my five inspired actions at discovering a career that was right for me. I set up informational interviews with alumni from my university who had traveled down each of my paths of interest. I spoke with faculty members about potential research opportunities in policy and international development. I took a business course in entrepreneurial ventures. I looked up national statistics on salary and job openings to see how lucrative and available the careers were. I found interest groups in my city that hosted speakers on topics that may interest me. I also took personality tests to understand myself better, and interviewed the people around me to understand what they saw as my strengths. As I learned more about what excited me and what jobs were out there, I further honed and adapted my inspired actions accordingly.
One of my inspired actions was to take a course at my university called "How to Live an Extraordinary Life," offered by the Handel Group®. This course introduced me to my dream career of coaching, but I didn't know that at the time. The class just seemed like a good inspired action to help me know myself better. And that is the point about inspired actions: they usually yield unexpected results because they change your perspective in unpredictable ways. Without them, you stay in the same mindset that has you stuck. If it hadn't been for my five inspired weekly actions, I would still be a moderately happy scientist today, instead of a joyous life coach.
Each of us has areas of our lives in which it seems easy to take inspired actions, and other areas where it seems harder. For example, building a career through inspired actions seemed pretty straightforward to me. But what about love? How could I possibly make five inspired actions toward love, when it involved meeting another human, seemingly by serendipity? I believed that falling in love required magic alignment of the stars in order for Cupid's arrow to hit me and my beloved-to-be at just the right time and place. How was I going to influence that fateful process?
No one area is any less amenable to inspired actions, even love. Once I started taking inspired actions, like posting my profile on dating sites, going to mingler events, asking my friends to set me up, articulating what I was looking for, then *poof* I fell in love. Again, the inspired actions do not necessarily give you results in a linear fashion: the man I met was not on a dating site or at any of those minglers. But the inspired actions put you "out there" and get you unstuck. Suddenly, you're in the game, learning and growing, and ready for what comes next.
So now it's your turn to play. First, pick an area of your life where you want to make a change. Is it body, money, love, career, adventure, family or something else? Next, make a promise to yourself to take five inspired actions per week in that area, come rain or shine, heck or high water. It doesn't matter so much what the actions are, but that you religiously take five per week. Do you have bad beliefs that you can't have what you want, or that you have no control over this area of your life? Taking inspired action will actually change your mind. Just try it for a month.
What area are you taking on? What will your first five actions be? Write me a note and let me know.

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