Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let go of your opinions and victim stories – they are not serving you.

The human experience is full of great stuff like love, creativity, joy, miracles, connection with others, compassion, laughter and dark chocolate :) And because we as humans evolve through contrast, our experience also includes challenging situations and things we may not put in the great stuff category.
But the good news about the not so great stuff is that we have what it takes to get over and let go of anything and everything that happens.
Bring to mind the most challenging thing you’ve endured. It probably brings up an uncomfortable feeling (or feelings). The memory of it may be something you cannot seem to escape and continues to impact the quality of your life.
Now imagine how liberated you will be when you totally let go of it. Letting go means no longer experiencing any suffering over something that happened in your life. I know this is possible because I have both personally experienced and witnessed thousands of people let go of issues and/or difficult (even traumatic) situations they have been carrying around for years and arrive at a place of total peace.
So what’s the secret?

It’s acceptance. Acceptance requires being free of judgment. The reason we are unable to get over things is because we are still judging what happened. Think of a situation from your past that you are having trouble getting over. Do you think it shouldn’t have happened? Do you think it was terrible? Do you believe things should have been different? Do you think you were wronged? Do you think you were wrong? Do you believe it caused more undesirable circumstances in your life? Do you see yourself as damaged by it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then what perpetuates your suffering and prevents you from letting go is judgment.
The first law of The Uni-verse is acceptance. Until you accept what happened with zero judgment of it being bad or wrong in any way, you continue to keep it alive inside you. What happened, happened. It’s in the past. Your judgments about it continue to keep it present and impact your future.
Now you may be thinking, “What happened was awful – I cannot imagine accepting it!” Acceptance does not mean you condone or agree; but rather that you are removing the charge you have on it by judging it. When you accept, you move out of victim consciousness and empower yourself with the freedom of forgiveness. Additionally, when you stop judging something, it is possible to feel your feelings about it with compassion, so you are actually releasing them rather than recycling them (read more about releasing feelings here).
As you accept ALL situations in your life free and clear of judgment, you stop asking “Why did this happen” and start asking questions that move you forward in life like:
  • What am I learning from this?
  • How did this experience serve me?
  • How can I use the information from my past as information and inspiration?
Let go of your opinions and victim stories – they are not serving you. As you do, you empower yourself to free yourself of anything you may have been carrying around like a heavy backpack. Take off the backpack so that you are free to fully embrace all the great stuff that is available to you in the here and now.

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