Thursday, January 16, 2014

Late in 2007 to early 2008, I wrote a 300 page project book for girls...

I never had it published and want to make that a goal of mine to do by 2015.  In the mean time, I have decided to share the pages of it with you, my blog readers.  This book was written for girls ages 8-12.  It is a collection of ideas, poetry, quotes and sayings that I have been collecting since I was 8.  Girl (I)land is intended as a project book, a self esteem tool, and a keepsake journal for girls.  Girl (I)land is a collection of things ranging from the 1920's through current times. Nostalgic it is! Enjoy!     I am releasing the pages in the order they appear in the table of contents.

Table of Contents:

1.)                      Island girl painting

2.)                      Dear Vacationer

3.)                      Credits

4.)                      Difficulty rating key

5.)                      Symptoms of inner peace (Saskia Davis)

6.)                      Live your life with intention, but without expectations

7.)                      Ask for what you want, visualize your future

8.)                      Believe in yourself, speak your truth

9.)                      Have a sense of humor, be zany!

10.)                  Do what you love, follow your hearts desire

11.)                  Enjoy each and every day, experience the moment

12.)                  Give more than you receive, volunteer your time

13.)                  Understand more, judge less

14.)                  Join in more, play more, do more

15.)                  Nurture your spirit, yearn for grace

16.)                  Kiss and make up, love and be loved

17.)                  Make new friends, change your mind

18.)                  Learn to be patient, delay gratification

19.)                  Walk through fear, reach for the stars

20.)                  Overcome adversity, question conformity

21.)                  Take personal responsibility

22.)                  Insist on being you, use your creativity

23.)                  Attitude (Charles Swindoll)

24.)                  Pretty neat thing (Paul Harvey)

25.)                  Friendship & Folk sayings

26.)                  11 Things worth knowing

27.)                  Today & other tidbits of wisdom

28.)                  Fairy quotes

29.)                  An animals prayer

30.)                  For the love of horses

31.)                  Instructions for life (Dalai Lama)

32.)                  Forgotten language (Shel Silverstein)

33.)                  Quotations on hope

34.)                  Helpful hints

35.)                  Irish blessings

36.)                  Irish blessing continued

37.)                  Quotations & sayings (William Arthur Ward)

38.)                  The wind whispering

39.)                  Words to live by (Noel Coward & Erma Bombeck)

40.)                  Words about children

41.)                  More words on children

42.)                  Happiness

43.)                  10 parentisms, peace

44.)                  Parents revenge poem

45.)                  My gift to you

46.)                  All about Mom

47.)                  Do it anyway (Mother Theresa)

48.)                  Breath of romance

49-101.)     Your journal
   The Symptoms <3 span="">of Inner Peace
            Adapted from Saskia Davis Inner Peace Love
  ~ Increasing susceptibility to the love extended by            others as well as the uncontrollable urge to extend it. 
~ A tendency to think & act spontaneously rather than based on fears from the past. ~ An increasing tendency to let things happen rather than to make them happen. ~ Wonderful feelings of connectedness with others and nature. ~ A loss of interest in trying to interpret the actions of others. ~ Frequent overwhelming episodes
of appreciation. ~ An unmistakable ability to
enjoy each moment. ~ A loss of interest
in judging other people. ~ A loss of  
interest in judging self. ~ A loss
 of the ability to worry.
Frequent attacks
of smiling. ~ A loss
of interest in
 The Beauty & Joy of
Inner Peace is: the more you share, the more you have and the more
you have, the more you share!
Pg 5 Girl (I)land

Lisa Ekanger Your Advice Coach!

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