Monday, January 20, 2014

Why does a permanent ‘Pancake Breakfast’ sign (actually) advertise perpetual optimism?

Why does a permanent ‘Pancake Breakfast’ sign (actually) advertise perpetual optimism?

I live in a small town, and at least once a week I drive by the little yellow legion hall on the corner of King & St Clair Hwy.  There is a smallish permanent metal sign out front that says: ‘Pancake breakfast Sat 8-11’ It’s been there ever since I can remember (I’ve lived here since 2001) and to be honest with you, other than occasionally thinking, “Yum that sounds good.” I have never really stopped in to eat or investigate where the proceeds go and what they support.  Although others have, and they reported that the griddles are huge commercial firehouse grade…which, I’ve been told makes for divine pancakes! Call it complacency or even laziness, but I think the real truth is that I never allowed pancakes to be a destination. LOL!  Go ahead, laugh!  I’m a person who uses lists and calendars and sets goals and I never put it on any list so it remains just a backdrop on my short commute. Recently though I’ve started thinking a little harder about what it means to have a permanent sign, essentially asking for money? 


What does it represent?


To be so bold as to not occasionally ask for money (like the seasonal bell-ringers for the Salvation Army) but to permanently ask for money?

 It reminds me of a few things:

·         1) It’s a numbers game.  Why take the sign down? You can’t capture the drive by traffic and the out-of-towners if they don’t know it exists.

·         2) There is a lot of future mindset thinking going on here.                                                                       Perpetual optimism, it says:

A) Things are always looking up!                                                                                                                                                     (If you have just enough extra money for a stack of flapjacks)

B) We will always be here & one of these days you’re going to want or need us!

C) There are some essentials in our area, and pancakes are one of them!

D) We believe in our product and its consistency!

E) We expect future sales to outpace current sales                                                                                                                                                    (whether they do or don’t is inconsequential)

Isn’t this a great lesson in forward thinking?  Future thinking mindset, which focuses on the plan and not the problem.  This little Pancake breakfast operation can also teach us lessons in consistency, stability, reliability, loyalty and brand recognition.  Lessons that in this current culture, have been gobbled up by technology (and the ever-evolving) addicting application of an instant gratification society.

The message is simply, “Come eat our pancakes, you won’t be disappointed!”

I guess it’s time for me to put pancakes on my calendar!

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