Monday, October 8, 2012

9 Steps to really love yourself ~ By Louise Hay

1)   Stop all critisicm ...never criticize yourself again ~ abolish it.  Come from a place of being OK as you are and you can make changes.  Criticism never changes a thing.  Change happens, but if you criticize, then you are sealing that which is only negative change. Make a vow and do it, to stop it.

2) Dont scare yourself.  Be there for yourself.  How often do we lie in bed creating the worst possible scenario for ourselves?  Dont go immediately to catastrophic thinking.  Frightening thoughts are negative affirmations. Pick a nice switch to image, and when the negative thought comes up say Im not going to think about that and immediately switch to the beautiful image.

3) Be gentle and kind and patient with yourself. What kind of garden do you want to grow?  What kind of planting of seeds (thoughts) do you want to plant?  One day you will reap the bountiful harvest of the garden (life) you imagined for yourself.  Watch for the weeds, the weeds are the old negative thoughts...pluck them out as soon as they come up!  Treat yourself as you would treat a gentle little child.

4) Be kind to your mind. Self hatred is really only hating thoughts you have about yourself. You are worth loving. You dont have to earn love. You have the right to be loved because you exist. Words and thoughts are shaping our future. Doing affirmations is one of the best ways to be kind to your mind. Think of your thoughts as building you up, not beating you up.  Blame creates guilt, and guilt  always creates punishment and punishment creates pain. Relax allow healing energy in.

5) Praise yourself. Criticism breaks the spirit, praise builds it up. Allow yourself to accept good in your life whether you believe you deserve it or not. What do you want that youre not now having? What did the laws of your childhood tell you what you deserve ...did you always have to earn what you deserve?  What are the beliefs that are in the way of you really deserving.  What do you have to live for? What is your purpose? What are you willing to do to experience the good you deserve?

6) Support youself. Reach out to friends and allow them to support you. Mirror work is important. Look in the mirror and say ,"I love you, I really really love you." Then say, What can I do for your today to make you happy? Events come and go, but the love you have for yourself is constant! We are too hard on ousrselves. Look at yourself and say, "I forgive you." Talk to other people in the mirror, say all sorts of things you would be afraid to say otherwise.

7) Being loving to your negatives.  You created negatives to fill a need...and at one time they worked.  Now you can choose to let go of the old negative pattern and choose something different.  If you run around saying, "I hate my job." Then you get a new job, realize that soon after you will hate your new job too.  You sent a message to the universe, and the universe listens.  Our thoughts and our words are powerful.  You are never wrong, you are doing the best you can until you find another way to do it. Laughter is healing.

8) Take care of your body, its the house you live in.  Love the house you live in.  Watch what you put into your body. Drugs and overeating eventually alter your reality. Food and drugs are used as an escape to facing our feelings.  Feel your feelings, they pass through, they dont stay. Learning about nutrition is an act of loving ourselves. Start noticing what gives you good energy, and what tears you down.

9) My beliefs affirmations:
I believe that I am always safe. 
I am lead and guided at every moment. 
Whatever I need to know, it is revealed to me. 
I dont have to struggle to find information, if Im meant to know something, it comes to me. 
I release the struggle of trying to make things happen, I use flow to create positive progress.
I put my concerns and wishes out into the universe and the answers are revealed in the perfect time space & sequence.
Life is a joy and filled with love ~ as I choose to believe this, it comes true for me.   
Im loving and I am loved. I prosper wherever I turn. 
I never go for money, I always ask, "How can I help".
My income is constantly increasing.
I am willing to grow and change.
Im willing to let go of what doesnt work for me anymore. 
All is well in my world.

Lisa Ekanger Your Preferred Realtor!

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