Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yeah, I used to think this kind of talk was kind of fluffy BS, too.

Good morning from New York City!

Often in life as we chase our dreams, we come up against blocks. In fact, it's almost guaranteed that you will come up against ALL KINDS of blocks on your way to creating the life that your Soul yearns for.

One of the biggest I have seen is this idea of permission.
So many people I know and clients that I work with seem to be waiting around for someone else's permission or approval to live their dreams. It's kind of crazy actually.

One piece of dream advice that I heard recently is the idea of doing what you would do with your life if your parents or loved ones were no longer living. Are there any actions you would take? Any dreams you would chase? Parental approval is a big deal. But the thing is, our parents gave birth to us so that we could THRIVE living our dreams. I don't think anyone's highest Self wants us to live someone else's life.

We were not born to live our parents' life. We were not born to live a life of someone else. You were not born to live the life of your tribe, or community, or faith, or creed or nationality. Out beyond all those identifies of FORM is YOU. And YOU are a UNIQUE creation that was born to give a UNIQUE gift.

Yeah, I used to think this kind of talk was kind of fluffy BS, too. But I have made my life an experiment in wondering if that was true ever since I heard it. Sure, there are other inspiring blogs out there, sure, there are other writers (and my space in particular is FLOODED with content and people), and sure there are other email newsletters out there. But I know that there is only ONE me. And that CANNOT be replicated, duplicated, copied or decoded. I am uniquely me.

I don't want to be the "next" so and so. I am the first and last Mastin Kipp. And the SAME is true for you. And I need NO ONE's approval to do what I am doing. What I do comes from a deep calling within myself to WRITE every day. To put out content. To share. To add value. To help people get unstuck and living on purpose.

It's not something I did with a business plan or profitability in mind. It's something I do because I can't not do it. And I choose to do it. And some people like it and some people don't. But all that doesn't matter because in my life, at the end of the day, I have to live with the choices that I make. They are mine to make, no one else's.

And the same is true for you!

So whose approval or permission do you think you need to live your dreams? Make a list. And then realize that the only person's approval or permission you need is your own. Give yourself permission to live your calling, your purpose and your dream. The Divine gave it to you to express in this lifetime. Giving yourself permission to be yourself is the best way to let The Divine guide your life - because that's why It created you.

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