Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let's Do This! Ask Me How You Can Book a Floyd Wickman Program!


  1. Thank you again for an excellent session!! I believe that the most
    successful training is not what the agent gets out of the session but
    rather what the session gets out of the agent. And I believe that this
    session got a lot out of ALL the agents today!! I know that all the
    sessions have been great but this one was off the scale in that I think it
    all started to gel together for everyone... I could feel the power, the
    energy, the enthusiasm, and especially the ah-ha moments. I can not thank
    you enough for this powerful, informative and dynamic session... you are
    the best!! With all this positive learning it can only get better!!
    Jennifer just left the office a little while ago and Joey just left now,
    boy are they pumped up!! Yeah I know I'm still here but am calling a client
    in Arizona before I leave and they're 2 hours earlier and didn't want to
    interrupt their dinner. Looking forward to even more powerful and exciting
    results!! THANKS again Lisa!!!!!!!!!!! Please give our best to Floyd and

    Kindest regards,


  2. CONGRATULATIONS !!! You are all now official Wickman Graduates and according to Lisa have all been officially Wickmanized!!! Yeah!!!

    What an AWESOME Session 7 and graduation party!! You are all to be
    congratulated for your outstanding attendance and participation!! Lisa had
    glowing comments to say about each and every one of you. She said she was
    so proud of the entire group and that we will never get rid of her. Folks, this is just the beginning of a great real estate career for you. Get ready because now powerful things are going to start happening! Use it or lose it! Continue to tweak your salable Book Of Business, to make yourcontacts for Expireds and FSBOs, continue to learn and study your dialogues, techniques and hot buttons, continue to listen to your 9 CDs to re-read and study your manual, to attend and work in your Master Minds Group, and above all to review and use all the materials Lisa gave us!!! Here is what she left with us when she left...

    Why I Do This:

    During the time we spent together, there were just three things I wanted to get done Give you tools to use, to light your fuse, and of course to have some fun too!

    I hope I gave all three to you, but you gave your part, too. I taught - you learned. I asked - you gave. Your best came shining through. Now that it's over - review your notes.Take what I gave you and use it. The techniques, tracks and rules of thumb -
    use them, or you'll lose them!
    For 42 days, I pushed and shoved - we laughed and cried -
    I held the hammer above you. If nothing else, remember this -
    I did it because I love you

    Thank you Lisa, from all of Us!

    *Joe W. Marino Jr.*