Thursday, March 13, 2014

Perfection doesnt exist sweetheart.

Just saw the courtroom video of the teen who sued her the parents were sobbing, the teen sat stoically across the room. If I could speak with her, I would tell her that some day she will realize that her parents are just people like everyone else. They are not the source of good and evil and certainly hold no power over your intentions, your words nor your actions. Its time to grow ...up and start making a life for yourself, independent of them. They are just human beings who had the dream of a family... to have a child and give them a great life. Perfection doesn't exist and its not fair to expect that your parents would ever be able to produce this for you. They are merely mortal. #honoryourmotherandyourfather

Lisa Ekanger !

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  1. Her parents are better than me because after all that foolishness, once she graduated, she would have to find her way to college, the military, or her own place to live. But she would no longer be able to live in my house. I would probably put up with her just to cover my own butt until she got her diploma and then give her a move out date.