Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seriously – TRUST YOURSELF, or else!

Seriously – TRUST YOURSELF, or else!

by Mastin Kipp on June 5, 2012

Everyone has an opinion. And it doesn’t mean what THEY think is right for you.
The whole game on The Path is about learning how to trust yourself. And we get all kinds of lessons in how to trust ourselves when we don’t trust ourselves and just let other people influence us to do things that – deep down - we know we shouldn’t do. When we do this, we get pain and when we get pain, we start to pay attention, and depending on how much pain we feel – we may actually begin to change.
Here are five ways that I’ve learned how to trust myself! I hope they help you!
1. Only Move Forward If You Get A Yes From Within
I’m not talking about your fear. When you are afraid, there are all kinds of ’no’s’. I’m talking about at a heart/gut level, moving forward even though you are afraid. If something feels off, if you feel like moving forward with a certain decision that will cause you to shrink or feel constricted – STOP and mediate on it for ten minutes. Ultimately – the choice is yours. Listen for the YES from your Heart and your Soul. It will be right under the fear - it’s subtle, so pay attention.
2. Know What Motivates You
So many times, we live life with an “if, then statement”. IF I get this - THEN I’ll be happy. And we know that that’s just not true. If you aren’t happy now, you won’t be happy then. And if you do get happy then, it will only be fleeting. Many times people will pursue a path of significance and importance that they think will bring them Love. But it’s just not true. Many people pursue certainty, only to find out that by doing so, they are killing their dreams. Is there a hook for you when it comes to making a decision? Are you going down a path that you think will bring you one thing, but to get it you have to do the opposite? Sit back and investigate what
motivates you. Do this by asking, “Why do I want this?” “What will getting this bring me?” and “Once I get this, then what? How will I feel?” A little bit of questioning can go a LONG way!
3. Be Independent Of The Opinions Of Other People
I learned this one from Wayne Dyer. I always say – opinions are like armpits, everyone has them and most of them stink! Other people will always try to tell you what to do, what’s best for you and the like. The problem is most people are not developed or self-aware enough to understand that the advice they are giving you is actually their projection of what they would do. They aren’t considering you most of the time. And most people, especially those who are giving advice to us about our dreams, aren’t living their dreams – they are living their nightmare. Why would you want to take advice from someone who is living his or her nightmare? Instead, be independent of what other people think – take their ideas into consideration, but trust yourself and your intuition.
4. Take Advice From People Who Have What You Want
If you have a dream, take advice from people who are already living that dream. Most people around you aren’t and so their advice is at best a guess.
5. Celebrate Saying NO
NO is one of the most powerful mantra’s in the world and will be a word you will need to use more and more as you start to trust yourself. We typically like to be people pleasers and not rock the boat, but when it comes to trusting yourself and creating your dreams, it’s really important to learn when to say NO. Remember, the more powerful the NO – the more powerful the YES!
I hope this blog as helped you learn a little bit about trusting yourself. I have had to learn all these lessons the hard way, so it’s my hope that YOU can learn from my mistakes and not have to go to the super dark places that I went in my life.
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