Monday, June 18, 2012

You can't change people.

You can't change people.
I can't tell you how many times I've messed up thinking I could. I think it's a pretty common thing to do, don't you?

Have you ever really wanted a relationship or partnership to work and you see the potential of the other person and you just want them to realize it? You just want them to see all the great things about themselves, and THEN once they do, they will finally be the person who can love you back or be the amazing partner you wanted them to be?

Yup, me, too.

I've had partnerships and relationships where I was spending all my time in fantasyland wishing that these people were something they weren't. I kept trying to get them to see their greatness. I have also been in partnerships and relationships where people have done that with me.

The thought is, "If they would only..." fill in the blank, "THEN I could love them." Or, "THEN they will love me."

I can't tell you how much time I've wasted doing this in the past.

I was listening to Ryan Seacrest one morning and he had Sherri Shepard from The View on his show. Ryan asked Sherri why she was single and she had the most amazing response. It floored me.

She said, "Ryan, I've spent a lot of time being with guys who "have" potential, but I realized that I want a man who HAS REALIZED his potential". That statement hit me in the head like a ton of bricks.

I had been investing in illusions.

NO WONDER IT DIDN'T WORK OUT. I was investing in my idea of who I wanted someone to be. Talk about an incorrect spiritual equation.

Love Loves people right where they are.

And I realized that if I was investing in the illusion of someone else's potential, I must not have realized my own. I realized that to attract someone who was whole, I had to be whole. That's where I got the inspiration to write, "If you want wholeness, be whole and more wholeness will be attached to you."

Writing about it now it sounds so obvious, but I can tell you, in those moments, it wasn't. All that emotion, all that desire, all the yearning - it clouded everything.

So here's the flip of it.

The potential you see in others is your own great potential seeing itself. And when you start to REALIZE that potential, you will NATURALLY attract a lover, partners and all types of people who resonate with your new vibration. It can be no other way.

So here's a practice for today. Instead of focusing on someone else's potential and what's possible for them, focus on your own. Focus on realizing your own potential, your own greatness.

Ask The universe to bring you people, places and circumstances that serve your Highest Good.

Don't invest in other people's illusions; let people show you who they are, right here and right now. You deserve to be seen, to be Loved fully and for your Light to be honored by the people in your life. Don't accept anything less than that.
~Mastin Kipp

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