Friday, July 18, 2014

All anger at its core is a request for LOVE.

A Blog Post By Mastin Kipp It’s a good day to analyze the judgments we have about others. Wherever we want to make others wrong for how they are being, let us first look inside our own selves. In my kind of work, I do everything I can to give, to add value and to help others. And I understand that when it comes to pushing on topics that are tender for folks, a lot of emotion can come up. What I’ve come to realize is that when people stand up and shine their Light, it shines a light on other people’s darkness. And those of us who try our best to shine tend to get some darkness projected onto us. When you shine your light, you are bringing about 10% of the meaning. When someone interprets what you are saying through their filter, they bring 90% of the meaning to what you are saying. And BOY – let me tell you – on this end, I get a WIIIDE variety of emails and tweets from people. Lots of praise and lots of haters. And I love ‘em all. My mantra is “Bring ‘em all into my heart.” I realize when someone is sending me negativity or hate, it’s not because I’m wrong or did something wrong, it’s a projection of what’s inside them onto me. And the same goes for me. When I’m in a negative or angry state, I tend to project that state onto others. But the key is, let us not stand in our light because we are afraid of the darkness that will be projected onto us. That is letting fear win. Let us EMBRACE and WELCOME darkness, anger, sadness and fear of others – KNOWING that it is simply a deeper request for LOVE. All anger at its core is a request for LOVE. All hate at its core is a request for LOVE. And as Louise Hay once said, “People need Loving the most when they deserve it the least.” My aim in Life is to try to Love like the Sun – which shines on everyone the same. I’m not there yet, but I’m trying my best. And I’ve had to make peace with the idea that people are going to project onto me because of the path in life that I have chosen. There will be positive and negative projections – and none of those projections or opinions define who I am. Just like when I am in a positive or negative state, my projections and opinions do not define others. It’s all about your relationship with yourself. And my relationship with myself. What you think is off in them is an opportunity to see how YOU can bring even more Love. This doesn’t mean being a pushover, but it does mean seeing that each person, no matter how evil they may seem, is an innocent child of The Uni-verse and at their core is a desire for Love. The most “evil” people on the planet do what they do because it meets their needs. And they are simply getting their needs met in a fearful way. Sometimes it’s easier for people to kill other people than it is for them to kill their own ego. But, when we love like Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and all the Saints of all time, we choose non-violence as a way to demonstrate the power of Love. Be that demonstration in your own life. Lisa Ekanger

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