Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"What is it like to be a Floyd Wickman Trainer?"

Why do I do it? People often ask me "What is it like to be a Floyd Wickman Trainer?". They’re curious as to why I do it. As a trainer I have been blessed with meeting many people from different parts of this great country. I’ve had the privilege of helping real estate agents realize their true potential. My goal is always the same...to help them become the agents they intended to be. I have been able to this because I teach the Floyd Wickman Program. I sometimes hear “it must be hard with all the traveling, hotels, airports, food etc.” So, I would like to share a story to help better illustrate how I feel. Once upon a time a boy went into a pet shop, looking for a puppy. The store owner showed him a litter in a box. The boy looked at the puppies. He picked each one up, examined it, and put it back into the box. After several minutes, he walked back to the owner and said, “I picked one out. How much will it cost?” The man gave him the price, and the boy promised to be back in a few days with the money. “Don’t take too long,” the owner cautioned. “Puppies like these sell quickly.” The boy turned and smiled knowingly, “I’m not worried,” he said. “Mine will still be there.” The boy went to work-weeding, washing windows, cleaning yards. He worked hard and saved his money. When he had enough for the puppy, he returned to the store. He walked up to the counter and laid down a pocketful of wadded bills. The store owner sorted and counted the cash. After verifying the amount, he smiled at the boy and said, “All right, son, you can go get your puppy.” The boy reached into the back of the box, pulled out a skinny dog with a limp leg, and started to leave. The owner stopped him. “Don’t take that puppy,” he objected. “He’s crippled. He can’t play. He’ll never run with you. He can’t fetch. Get one of the healthy pups.” “No thank you, sir” the boy replied. “This is exactly the kind of dog I’ve been looking for.” As the boy turned to leave, the store owner started to speak but remained silent. Suddenly he understood. For extending from the bottom of the boy’s trousers was a brace--a brace for his crippled leg. Why did the boy want the dog? Because he knew how it felt. And he knew it was very special. Why do I do it? Because I know how you feel. You see, for 20+ years that I was in commissioned sales, I went through the ups and downs and everything in between. Heaven knows, I know what agents are going through...the good and the bad. I know in my heart that this has helped me become a better teacher. I’ve seen so many lives transformed, because of The Floyd Wickman Program. This......is why I do it. Until Next Time, Lisa

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