Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lisa's Top 15 Health Tips for Vigor, Youth and Vitality!

So this is what I did to get my life (and weight) in control: 1) See a Dr for your blood panels...I didn't know I was anemic until I was in my 30's! 2) Start taking supplements like vitamin D...Omega 3 (mega red krill):- resveratrol, vitamin c, coq10, Acai and garcenia cambogia...I rotate them..taking them more in the winter and less in the summer. 3) I take a baby asprin every 3 or 4 days. 4) I turned my diet upside down: went to a nutritionist who made it clear to me to think of your dinner plate as a pie chart w/ percentages...your diet should be 50-65 percent fruit nuts veggies...20 percent lean protein (pork is very hard to digest fyi) 10-15 percent starch and 5 percent oil/fats REDUCE RED MEAT! 5) Work to eliminate refined sugar...when u are transitioning to health, cut out chips, crackers, cookies, pasta, potatoes and rice...pastries too. All white foods! Not forever but read the book southbeach diet...its a mediterranian diet and I follow it. 6) Dramatically reduce dairy 7) Increase water, but esp before bed...thats when your body does it repairing and flushing of toxins 8) Do (2) 15 minutes (1 early, 1 later) of rigorous exercise (3 x per wk)instead of one long time 9) Learn how to meditate and make it a habit of 20 min a day...any time of day! 10) Read the book Success through Stillness to get you started! 11) Train the positive things first thing...learn to identify the negative self talk or we call it the drunk donkey...and develop the skill of quickly shutting those thoughts out. 12) Use your time blocking and make sure you tell people love to cant now so that people understand your time is precious and they are lucky to be with you! 13) Join a book club...laugh with the girls! 14) Drink 2-6 alcoholic drinks per more because its hard on you, no less because there are real health benefits! 15) Laugh laugh laugh! Use humor to diffuse stress and remember we are all in this together babe! Lisa Ekanger

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