Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wise Words from My Friend Sandra Lineen

Life is a fine line of what we need and what we need. Being a geriatric nurse I see many people who have just come to spend the rest of their days in rest homes. They worked, sacrificed, collected and bought many things. Many came from large beautiful homes that are being sold and all their possessions liquidated. Most if their children don't even want their furniture. The residents are allowed to bring only a few pictures, usually they choose family pics. They also may bring a fav recliner and some old cheap costume jewelry, (anything else will be sadly be stolen by employees. This is what is left of a life long effort of working. Of course a little later, when we die, we take nothing but our soul. This is not to be a depressing kind of a story, but just a reminder that a happy balance of work and life are so important. I think many times we have to remind ourselves that bigger is not really better and we may think material things make us happy, but they don't. Love is the best understated treasure on this Earth! Lisa Ekanger

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