Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If you're doing it right, you are going to be totally scared!

Written by Mastin Kipp
The great lesson of life is being able to dive HEAD FIRST into the unknown with the faith that all is working out for your best interest. The unknown is where EVERYTHING that you truly desire resides! It's true.
No one you know who has achieved anything worthwhile has done so with the certainty that they were going to make it. This is why life is both a MYSTERY and an adventure.
The question truly is, are you going to say YES to the adventure, or not?
I think I have been more scared this year than any other year of my life. There's been so much expansion, which is RAD - but it's REALLY forced me to take a huge dive into the unknown. All these things that are so rad that are happening in my life are firsts... and it's a LEAP into the unknown. I have no idea if the book I'm writing for Hay House is gonna be any good; I have NO idea if the series I am doing with AirBnb is going to be any good; I have NO idea if people are going to like what I have to say at Marie Forleo's "Rich, Happy, Hot LIVE" in NYC or at the Hay House Ignite conference in NYC. When I do online courses, I have no idea if they will ever make a profit. I have ZERO control over my mentoring clients and if they choose to stay or go.
All that I do I do every day facing the unknown with a smile. I believe that The Uni-verse has my back and as long as I am adding amazing value to the world, then value will be provided back to me.
It was really scary and hard to get to this point, and it's still scary and hard. There's no certainty that anything will keep going the way that it has. And, I tell you what, it's REALLY scary. And at the same time, I would have it NO other way! This IS the adventure of life and it's what we are being called out into.
It's time to face the unknown with a smile and with the faith that your gift WILL sustain you as you add value to the lives of others. The Uni-verse LOVES to support a GIVER and someone who makes the world a better place. It's hard to trust this when we've never tried, I am still not quite used to it, but it's getting easier.
Also, when we face the unknown, we are always on our toes and forced to be more creative and work from a place of hunger. That hunger and creativity, combined with the genuine desire to serve is the magical formula for innovation and creating a life lived on YOUR terms.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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