Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Your Soul is infinite, unchanging and radiant.

What is sexy to you?
We are bombarded with millions of images each day telling us what sexy is.
Magazines, celebrities, television, internet all sell you their version of sexy.
Trying to get you to buy it.
Wear these clothes. Use this perfume. Drink this wine. Buy this jewelry. Look a certain way.
Sexy is not something you can buy.
It is what you are.
Sexy is SOUL.
True sexy is not based on anything outside yourself since everything outside is transitory.
Real sexy is when you are connected to the unchanging core of your being.
Sexy is who you are BEING. It is not something you DO. The more connected you are to your true Self, the sexier you will become and the more alive you will feel. It’s about how you feel about yourself. Then your soul shines so brightly through you that you radiate the force of your Spirit.
Your personality may be imperfect. Your body will surely change over time. But your Soul is infinite, unchanging and radiant.
Your soul has no wrinkles. Your Soul does not age. It just IS.

In our pursuit of sexy we have lost our Soulfulness.
There are thousands of courses, books, classes and coaches all teaching you how to be sexy.
Do you know that in the US, in 2010:
$10 billion was spent on cosmetic surgery.
$14.4 billion was spent on make up.
$82 billion was spent on clothes.
As a culture we have become so obsessed with looking good on the outside, but disconnected from the source of real aliveness on the inside. You can look good on the outside, but if you don’t feel good on the inside what’s the point?
Ponder this:
Real sexy is being connected to your soul and living boldly.
Real sexy is accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are.
Real sexy is being fully self expressed.
Real sexy is living your heart and generosity of spirit.
Real sexy is daring to speak and live your truth as honestly as possible.
Real sexy is being willing to live with an open heart and be vulnerable with those you love.
Real sexy is not taking yourself too seriously or life for that matter.
Real sexy is when you live fully in the present moment.
Real sexy is when you are living for a purpose bigger than your self.
When you are tuned in to your Soul, you will be turned ON to The universe.When you are turned ON to The universe, your soul shines brightly. All those around you will feel it.
As you are connected to your Soul, and let it shine you will attract people to you who can see who you REALLY are. Then those that you attract into your life will be much more authentically aligned and real.
When you are connected with your soul, you begin to live for a bigger reason than your self. You begin playing a bigger game than the ego’s game of survival, selfishness and never ending seeking. You move into living service and contribution.
Your soul doesn’t need anything since it is Everything.
When you know who you truly are, you become authentically sexy.
Mandela, MLK, Mother Teresa, Bruce Lee, Bob Marley, Chuang Tzu, and such were some of the sexiest people alive.
They were fully surrendered to their soul, and being lived by a purpose bigger than themselves.
Are you ready to be sexy for real?
Then know that: You are Infinite. Beyond birth. Beyond death.
You Soul is Free.
Let your soul shine.
Lisa Ekanger Your Hometown Realtor!

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