Saturday, August 4, 2012

When we take time to actually understand people, our lives will change.

Written by Mastin Kipp

When we take time to actually understand people, our lives will change. There seems to be a theme in many of my clients lives lately, where they will complain about someone - and make them wrong for what they are thinking or how they are feeling.
Let me tell it to you straight - YOUR EMOTIONS ARE VALID AND REAL! Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise!
When we begin to have respect for the thoughts of others and we begin to cherish the feelings of others, as we do our own - we step into a larger world. Think about it. If you made a list of all your character defects - and saw that part of yourself loud and clear, would you say that even though you know you are that way, you let yourself off the hook? Well, then let us see others with Love and compassion and let them off the hook, too.
This doesn't mean we have to tolerate abuse or anything like that, but it does mean that we can choose to see and encourage the best in others. And when we do that, a strange thing starts to happen - the best of who they are begins to emerge.
If we are constantly looking for what's wrong, if we are constantly trying to see how someone messed up - we miss the miracle and we miss the blessing that is his or her presence in our life.
So when it comes to other people - I have a question, and answer honestly... What are you looking for in them? Are you looking for what's right? Are you seeing them as doing the best that they can - are you giving compassion to them at the same level that you give to yourself or those that you Love?
AND - if you feel that other people are only looking for what's wrong in you - can you send them Love and Compassion because you know that this is nothing but a projection of how they feel about themselves and has NOTHING to do with you? This is how we are being called to see the world - with the eyes of Love. We see the innocence; we see the pain of others and we do not take it personally because we know it is just a part of their projection. And, we know that we also project onto others, so we do our best to stop that and to send only Love. Sometimes, you have to send Love from a distance, but send Love anyway!
Do you have the courage to see life this way? Can you let go of the past hurts and step into the brandnew-ness of this 'now' moment? Can you feel the Love within you that is dying to express and know that when it is expressed, it will be returned to you 100-fold?
This is the way of things - do you have what it takes? Leave a comment on the blog and let me know!
Lisa Ekanger

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